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Verse 1:

I grew up in a big city, where dreams were big, but hopes were small.

Got tangled up on a hell-bent path, thought I had it all under control.

But the devil keeps whispering, he keeps ex calling my name.

Led me down a road that has brought me nothing but pain.


This is my battle, the fight that I face.

A story of redemption, finding strength in grace.

Through the highs and the lows, I've learned to stand tall.

Thankful for everyone who's helped me heal, one song at a time - y'all

Verse 2:

In the smoke of broken promises, I lost myself along the way.

Fell into the grip of spells and potions, searching for an escape.

But through the darkest nights, I found a thread of hope. music. yeah music that soul searching, truth telling, no holes barred, straight from the heart lyrics.a many of night Jelly's music saved me.


Now I'm crawling out of them shadows, leaving my past behind.

Scars will remind me, but they no longer can define me.

With each chord and every lyric, a new chapter is being told.

Oh, the power of music, it made me find my soul


So let this be a voice to those who fight their own wars.

There's a brighter side waiting, beyond the pain and closing doors.

With love and support, no mountain's too high.

Together we'll rise, leaving those old struggles far behind.

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Sarah EllisonFlake Sarah EllisonFlake is a passionate writer who draws inspiration from various experiences life throwed her way. At the age of 44, shes weathered many storms, as evident in her poignant writings. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, she currently resides in Georgia. With a keen focus on capturing life.

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