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Gwendolyn is a city girl living in New York when she receives devastating news. With her only family member gone, and a world of mysteries and lies ahead of her, who knows what's in store for the heartbroken editor? Colton is the eldest of the Hale brothers. He is also the most charming, and respectful bachelor in Marigold, North Carolina. With news of a city girl inhabiting the towns historic O'Leary estate, tensions begin to rise. Will small town gossip drive a wedge between a relationship that hasn't even begun?

Romance Contemporain Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Prologue: Katherine

Katherine looked up at the sky, she knew her final days upon the earth would come sooner rather than later. The bleak sun had cascaded on her skin for what felt like ages.

Its rays had calmed her. The fear that had settled deep within her soul, simply vanished with the golden streams beaming down on her paper skin.

The beautiful trees that seemed to move out of the way of the sun whenever Katherine was outside in her wheelchair, made her smile from ear to ear.

As the minutes rolled by, Katherine kept thinking about her beloved granddaughter, and after a few more minutes of basking in the memories of her past, she asked to be rolled into her room at Brooklyn’s Nursing Home. She told the small, blonde nurse that she would be okay to get up and get into bed by herself.

She wondered how her granddaughter, Gwendolyn, would take the news of her inevitable passing, as she was the last living relative in the woman’s life.

She suddenly felt a wave of sadness fall over her, but then as quick as the sadness had appeared, it had vanished. She took out a pen and a notebook that had years of stories and laughter, and precious memories.

Her husband, Donald, had passed away about ten years ago, and Katherine found peace in knowing she would see him soon enough.

She read over a few of the pages and smiled, flipped to the last page that had writing on it, and began to scribble down the last few things she thought to be important enough to store into this precious book. As she closed the notebook, she glanced at cover. One name engraved in the worn leather: Gwendolyn.

The hours seemed to pass by mercilessly and Katherine had grown weaker by the second. She had already heard Gwendolyn’s voice through their daily call, and she was content with knowing that she was loved completely by her granddaughter. She felt the pain subside within her and she smiled as the willed her eyes to close that night, as she would not feel pain ever again.

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