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When the Carribean Pirates set sail to the Swedish Kingdom, get lost encounter a storm and face disastrous events, a lassie, Lavinia washes up on an island where she meets a lighthouse and a dark secret inside...

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Bon Voyage!

The Pirates of the Caribbean never lose faith in the waters. It was always worth the trouble and motion sickness to sell goods to other countries despite the rough seas. They are about to depart the port and travel to Rome right now.

"All right you swashbucklers! Time to get a move on! Hurry up!"

The captain beamed in pride as he stepped on the boat and rang the bell. All the young lads hugged their mums or dads, or... whoever has ties with them and boarded the boat. But our story is centred on Lavinia Cunning, a young lassie whose voyage is about to turn into a disaster. All aboard!

As they deport, the breeze caught the sails and aided their movement against the waters. The sailors adjusted the sails to catch more wind. The captain sat on his chair, as his pet parrot, Polly, perched on his shoulders.

"Squawk! Polly wants a cracker!"

The captain gave a hearty laugh as he gave her a cracker. They had never gone to the North, so they had no idea of the dangers of losing their way.

"Aigh! Lavinia. Check the coordinates and see where we're headed."

"Aigh aigh, captain!"

She climbed up to the top deck checking the compass reading. Unfortunately for her, she knew nothing about map reading.

"Uh...we're headed north, captain!"


But little did they know that the North wasn't their destination...

They floated down, "North' for a while, but no sign of land approached them.

"Aigh! Lavinia, are you sure we headed North?"


She goes to check the coordinates again, still not knowing how to read the map.

"Um... Captain...we've got a problem."


"Um... I don't know how to read the map; I think we're lost."

The captain's blood boils.

''Aigh you! You should have said something earlier! Now, what're we going to do? There will be punishment when we get back

"Never mind. Johnny, take the wheel. Lavinia, stay in the nest."

As they floated down the waters, the captain and the rest of the crew, sang a hearty song as they drew a large barrel of rum to celebrate. Lavinia couldn't join the party; she has to keep an eye out in case of disasters or enemy pirates. Suddenly, the sky grew dark and miserable, the waters were getting angrier and angrier. Fish start popping out of the water, but the crew is too drunk to know that- except for Lavinia, who is on the crow's nest watching the weather change.

"Ugh... Captain, we got another problem."

But there was no response-well, except for a long, revolting burp. She slid down from the nest and landed on the deck. She met a bunch of snoring pirates, in deep sleep.

"Captain? Johnny? Ben?" she screamed as she tried to wake them up. No one's on the steering wheel and it went wherever the wind blew. The boat swayed left to right, almost capsizing. She tried to find a grip to hold onto but almost fell off the boat. Huge waves crashed onto the deck and washed the pirates off the boat, except for Lavinia, who manages to hold onto the ship's railings. She was sopping wet and did her best to grab the steering wheel.

"Come on. Come on!" She turned the wheel, trying to find land in the middle of the sea. The masts are destroyed by the wind and the rain. The boat starts to slowly sink.

"Oh no. Oh no. Oh no!" She wails as she abandoned the wheel and climbed back up the crow's nest, in search of land. And there it is- a flickering light. A sign of land. It was an old, abandoned lighthouse. She slid down but as she does, there was a ''crunch''! The nest's post is cracking and came crashing down. She jumped off just in time but wounded her leg. Blood trickled from her leg but she stumbled and tried to stand up but fails. The waves had done much damage to the ship already, but she was so close to the lighthouse, she could almost smell it.

"Land hoy!'' She cheered as she prepares to drop the anchor.

But suddenly, a king-sized wave crashed on the boat and swallowed it up.


When I woke up, I didn't know how long I'd been there but for some reason, I found myself on a strange land with a flickering light pointing at me; it was coming from the lighthouse that I spotted earlier. The storm had seized but it was dark. The waters were calm again and the moon glistened on the water. How odd. It was pouring and monstrous out there like a minute ago. I knew those pirates were long gone. I got myself up and tried to stand up, but something pulled me back. I looked down and saw my leg looked swollen. Great! But that was the least of my problems. There was a lighthouse in front of me; maybe I could get help. I found a stick not too far from arm's length so, I grabbed it and used it to stand up. The flickering light possessed a green light. I became drawn to the light and I knocked on the door.

"Anyone home?"

Suddenly, the door opened. I was stunned. I slowly went inside but the door slammed shut! The chandelier started swinging, the pictures swung from left to right, the windows flew open and the curtains reached unreachable heights. The floor creaked under my feet. A shiver went down my spine.

"Is anybody home?"

Echoes filled the lighthouse. I was shaken in fear. I slowly climbed up the stairs and found a door slightly ajar. I pushed it.

"Anybody here? Hello?"

Suddenly, something grabbed my hand. I was petrified.

"Who do we have here?" the person said in a deep gruff voice.

"Who are you? What do you want with me?"

I couldn't see the person's face for it was pitch black- the person's face, not the lighthouse but I could tell it was a male for his deep voice.

"I don't want anything from you but... I want you to do something for me."


'Mr. Gruff' dragged me off into a part of the lighthouse. It was a dark room filled with all sorts of old stuff and cobwebs. There were old boxes there and other items, even a treasure map.

''You see, this map, this belonged to Ben Gunn; the most notorious pirate who ever sailed the seven seas. Legend has it, he buried his treasure on some Caribbean island. And I want you to bring it to me."

Ben Gunn. I knew who he was. Legend has it that when he was marooned on an island somewhere in the Caribbean, he had some treasure he had stolen from the ship and buried there. No

"No way."

He then held a knife and pushed it close to my neck.

"If you don't find that treasure, say bye-bye to everything you love.'

I was trembling; I couldn't just go digging up some treasure that I don't know where it was and legend has it that it's cursed so hooray if I get cursed. I stood there with the knife close to my neck about to slice it off, before I said something.

"Fine. What's in it for me?"

"You get to return safely home. But for now, you're coming with me."

He tied my hands and legs and plopped me unto his old rickety boat and set sail.

This is the pirate life: cruel, disastrous, life-threatening, and rough. The Caribbean holds the treacherous disasters that disturb Mother Nature, and her cruelty doesn't even have a part two. And here I am, stuck on a boat with a stranger on my way into the unknown and the known (if you know what I mean....) Will I find the treasure? Will I make it back alive?

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