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This is a poetry book of little red riding hood and her trauma after the story. Tw list: Anxiety Depression Self harm PTSD Claustrophobia Suicidal thoughts

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I'm in the dark place again,

no one will find me here,

I'm not sure how I get here,

or how I am able to leave.

It's a lonely place,

nothing but a void,

I scream endlessly,

but I know that no one can hear me.

I have came and went,

I know it doesn't last forever,

but when I'm in it,

it feels like it could last an eternity.

I remember it so clearly,

where the wolf almost ate me,

luckily I was saved,

but my grandmother wasn't so lucky.

Her death was so sudden,

I know it was because of the attack,

I'm the one to blame,

I lead the wolf there,

this is why you don't talk to a stranger.

It was ages ago though,

I get told,

he is dead,

get over it,

stop seeking attention,

no one will see what I see.

To everyone it is like a lost memory,

to me it was like it was yesterday,

I wish I could just move on from it,

but how can I when it was just a few weeks ago.

I'm the only one who seems to remember,

even the woodcutter acts like nothing happened,

he was the one who killed the wolf,

but he acts like everyone else,

I'm the only one who holds onto it.

I have nightmares of it,

no one understands why I'm afraid to leave my room,

now I'm out of sight,

I'm out of mind,

no one thinks about me unless they want to complain,

I'm acting more normal than everyone else though,

I wish it would stop though.

Everyday I wish I could be normal again,

be the girl I was,

but that seems so far now,

all I wish for,

is that my trauma would leave me so I can feel peaceful again.

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