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The poem is about someone who did not tell the person that they love, that they love them. So they are living with regret.

Poésie Romance Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Love untold

Sitting here thinking about what life could have been.

If only I was brave enough to tell the person I love

That I love them.

Will I ever get to tell them?

Who knows, but I wish things were different.

I wish I were not such a coward

Then life would have turned out differently for me.

What can I do, but wait?

Wait for the one I love.

No one compares to him.

He is the most selfless of all.

But because I took my time

He ended up with someone else.

I will have to settle for someone who is not him.

There is nothing that I can do but wait.

Sitting by our favorite tree

To see what will be.

Will it happen?

Will it not?

Only time will tell.

Just waiting for the love I never told.

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