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Princess Elsa talks about her life as a princess and why she despises it.

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Princess Elsa's needs

My name is Princess Elisa, I live with my parents, and little sister Annabelle in the castle Evergreen, which is located on the top of the hill. Life here for me has not always been the best. As the oldest royal child in the family, it was always known that I would have to be married off to Prince Charlie of Danbury.

He is known as the most handsome, and nicest of all the male eligible bachelors in the land. However, I never wanted to marry someone that I just met. What would you do if that had happened to you? I know that for me personally, I have had the urge to run away from the castle life and live my life like a commoner.

From what I have seen after I walked around my hometown, that life would be much better for me. They don't have to abide by royal rules. One day, that is going to be me. But for that to happen, I would have to stand up to my parents.

Doing that is hard because how they are stuck in the royal rules that have been passed down for generations. One of those rules is that we must not talk to the help. But for me, that is very hard. I have always been eager to change the rules of royal life. As a princess, who is not married, that would be difficult for me.

In order for me to change those rules, I must marry someone of my stature. But who knows, maybe he won't be so bad if he has the same thoughts as me. For me to find out, I will go through with the deal that was set up by my parents and his. Little did I know that this would change my life into the most sereneness that I have ever seen.

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