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When you don't give your opinion, you evade conflict. That is what Arnold believes. Is he right? Is he wrong? Or is it just his opinion? There's only one way to find out. Good reading ;)

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Brief introduction

This book may be dangerous for many people. Since when a bunch of words can do harm?

Honestly, I wouldn’t fault the words. The danger doesn’t rely on the distribution of sensitive information, nor the leaking of any sort of details about the private life of any respectable human being.

The danger relies on how the reader may receive the following words. Sayed otherwise the level of danger is upon your mindset.

We became and taught others also to be so fragile to don’t be able to accept.

We do accept nothing.

Nothing good. Nothing bad. Just nothing.

And guess what we end achieving? Yes, exactly nothing.

Is this true or just a pathetic illusion?

Nor one or either. It’s just my opinion. How you take it?

It is funny because you cannot say I am wrong or right. It is just my opinion.

You either respect it, maybe agree with it, or ignore it. No need to hate. Just need to talk.

This is what is all about. A big talk.

Allow me to make my speech. Listening is part of a conversation. “Show respect and be respected” is the way to go, right?

Hope we can agree on something. If not, at least be civil enough to listen to each other's.

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