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Kayla Hoven, aspiring nurse and expert in Cinthyan Anatomy. While her heart is pure, her social skills are not...

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Not Enough Love

Ugh. It happened again. My mother and father found another excuse to leave the house and postpone the 'family bonding time' that I had set up. I know that explaining anatomy can be boring to some, but these are my parents for crying out loud! A middle-aged mother and father are supposed to entertain their children, not ignore them to go eat and socialize all the darn time! But that's what happens when you are the introvert, Kayla Hoven, daughter of Kamoren & Kathryn Hoven, who are massive extroverts...

Ever since I turned 12 years of age, my parents found themselves becoming increasingly distant with me due to my ability to take care of myself. By myself. I had slightly above average intelligence at that age to the point of being able to pay the Hoven Household's mortgage without either of my parent's presence. Any other parent's would shout out their prepubescent child's self-sufficiency to all of Cinthyatar, but not mine. My mom and dad couldn't care any less...

The more they went out on a night on the town, the more I found myself becoming a recluse. My desire to socialize diminished the more I studied the Cinthyan body, basically becoming a pseudo nurse in a sense. I had so much confidence in my newfound abilities that I contacted the world leader in charge of medical operations, Angela Torval, and astounded her when I successfully performed a heart transplant on a male patient using the tools that I brought to the hospital with me. She wanted me to work with her, but I declined. I didn't want to socialize...

I spent so much time in my hospital themed bedroom, studying the male and female body over and over to the point of being able to recite my anatomy textbook verbatim. But I grew lonely. Very lonely. I was so lonely that I contemplated suicide through being autopsied alive by the surgical drones I invented just so there could be a record of the level of pain I experienced through it. Little did I know that the universe had other plans...

In an attempt to force myself out of the basically vacant house, I ended up receiving and volunteering for a project to reverse our planet's pollution. Dressing in a black short sleeve button-up shirt, knee-high black leather skirt with matching colored leggings, and light brown shin-high boots, I left my house in pursuit of the 'CTIC' building.

Upon getting there, I walked through the double black automatic doors into the technology center. However, my body was shivered immensely from head to toe with social anxiety due to all the people in the building. I knew none of the men and women inside, and I also felt as though I was being judged for simply being there. Overwhelmed with emotions, I turned around and began to leave, believing I wasn't meant to be here. It was then that I met... him...

Bumping into what appeared to be a young man on my way out the automatic double doors, I nearly shrieked as my red framed glasses fell off my face and landed onto the black tiled floor with two distinct clanking sounds! Those being an invention of my own design, I immediately dropped down onto my knees and scrambled around in search of my now seemingly broken glasses with both of my hands frantically patting around the tile. Unbeknownst to me, though, the young blonde man had knelt down as well to assist me in my endeavors...

"MY GLASSES!" I said loudly, causing the other people to look over at me.


"Ma'am..." I heard the young man say calmly as I felt him touch my right shoulder and saw a red object in front of my face with blurry vision.

"I believe I have what you're looking for right here. Let me help you out real quick."

I sat up straight on my knees and stood still as I felt the frames of my red glasses slide in between my ears and sit on the top of my nose. With my vision no longer blurry, I stared on with a mesmerized look on my face at who had helped me recover my lost possession...

"All better now?" Asked the young blonde man with a disarming smile on his face. I nodded at him while watching him get up onto his feet.

He then extended his right hand down to me as I looked up into his dreamy yellow eyes.

"Kevin Daxx is my name. To whom did I have the pleasure of helping just now?"

"K-Kayla..." I stuttered out nervously as he helped me up to my feet.

"Kayla Hoven. Thank you for the help."

I then watched in surprise as Kevin bowed to me as if I were a princess or something. It was endearing, but also strange at the same time for me. I didn't know it until after he stopped, but I found myself smiling at the gesture.

"So, Kayla, what brings you to the Cytorae Technological Innovation Center? Are you here for the Pollution Reversal Project, too?" Kevin asked me with a genuine look of curiosity on his face, somewhat intriguing me.

"I am here for that." I answered in a calm tone of voice.

"I found volunteering better than just to sit in my lonely bedroom and endlessly analyze Cinthyan biology as well as anatomy..."

"I feel that, my dear." The attractive blonde man said to me as he looked down at the tiled floor below.

"Since my mom is an overprotective nut, I used to lock myself in my bedroom and study Cinthyatar's plant species for weeks on end! My only social interaction BEING her, haha! I volunteered just to get out of the house!"

"Sounds like you're on the other side of the spectrum of my issue..." I respond to him.

"My mom and dad aren't even there most of the time. They occupy themselves with late night dinners and constant clubbing with acquaintances. Meanwhile, I am the only person in the house!"

"Damn." Kevin said as he placed his right hand onto my left shoulder just as I began to cry.

"That's rougher than being bombarded with your parent, it seems."

"I don't want to continue talking about it..." I said to him as I took off my red glasses and cleaned the tears off of the lenses with right thumb.

"Then, what would you wanna talk about?" The young blonde man asked me as he smiled again.

As I put my glasses back on, I was once again entranced by Kevin's disarming grin. What does he want from me? Why was he talking to me? Was question actual genuine interest or an ulterior motive? All I know was that for the first time in my life, I was able to make conversation with someone who seemed interested in what I had to say. And it was better than being alone. So much better.

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Kiontre Miles An established mildly autistic eBook author partnered with a beautiful female artist. Leanore brings the paint, and I bring the words. Creators of the SARTAM universe and the SARTAM Anime campaign. Our dream: Raise $50,000 to cover the costs of turning SARTAM into an anime via 🙂

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