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Determined to distance themselves from the civil war ravaging the country, a group of friends encounters something far worse and apocalyptic than the political troubles surrounding them.

Horreur Zombie horreur Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Part 1

It was a dark and stormy night. A group of friends had gathered at a secluded cabin in the woods to celebrate one of their birthdays, seeking refuge from the conflicts and hardships caused by the ongoing civil war in the country.

They were having fun, drinking, dancing, and playing cards. Everything seemed normal until they heard a strange noise outside the cabin.

― What was that? ― asked Anton, frightened.

― I don't know, maybe it's an animal ― replied Louis, trying to calm him.

― I'll take a look ― said Peter, grabbing a flashlight and stepping outside.

The others followed with curiosity. When they reached the outside, they were horrified to see what had caused the noise. It was a man covered in blood and wounds, stumbling toward them with difficulty. His eyes were bloodshot, and he emitted unpleasant growls.

― Oh my God, he's infected! ― exclaimed Mary, recognizing the symptoms of a strange zombie virus originating in Ukraine that she had seen in the news.

― Quick, let's get inside the cabin! ― ordered Louis, pushing his friends indoors.

― Wait, Peter is out there! ― shouted Anton, remembering that his boyfriend had stayed behind.

He looked out the window and saw Peter confronting the zombie with the flashlight. The zombie snatched it from his hands and thrust it into his chest. Peter fell to the ground, writhing in pain.

― Peter! ― screamed Anton, breaking into tears.

― Don't go out! ― warned Louis, holding him back.

― Let me go, I have to help him! ― the other young man exclaimed, breaking free and running towards the door.

He quickly opened the door and rushed to aid his boyfriend. The zombie noticed his presence and lunged at him. Anton tried to escape, but the zombie bit his neck. He felt excruciating pain and lost consciousness.

The other friends watched the scene in terror from the window. They saw the zombie rise and head towards them, slowly but steadily. They realized they were trapped in the cabin with no weapons or means to communicate with the outside world. They were alone facing this strange biological threat.

The friends looked at each other, searching for a solution. They knew the zombie would soon break into the cabin, and they had no chance of defending themselves.

― We have to get out of here ― said Mary, her voice trembling.

― And how? ― asked Louis, desperate.

― We could try to escape through the back window ― suggested Bruce, pointing to a small opening in the wall.

― But what if there are more zombies out there? ― questioned Laura, frightened.

― We won't know until we try ― said Bruce, determined.

He approached the window and opened it carefully. He looked outside and saw that the woods were dark and silent. There didn't seem to be any other zombies nearby.

― I think it's clear ― he told them, turning to his friends.

― All right, let's go ― said Mary, following him.

― Wait, we need to take some things! ― exclaimed Louis, heading towards the closet where they kept their backpacks.

― There's no time, Louis ― Bruce warned him impatiently.

― But we need some food, water, clothes... ― Louis insisted, opening the closet.

At that moment, a loud thud sounded on the front door. The zombie had arrived and was trying to break in.

― Damn, it's already here! ― Bruce exclaimed, nervously.

― Quick, Louis, leave that and come! ― Mary shouted, anxious.

― I'm coming, I'm coming! ― Louis responded, grabbing a random backpack, closing the closet, and rushing to the window, joining his friends. The four of them peered through the opening and jumped outside, landing on dry leaves that cushioned the impact.

― Let's go, run! ― ordered Bruce, getting up and sprinting through the woods.

― Where are we going? ― asked Laura, following him.

― I don't know, we just have to get away from here ― Bruce replied, without looking back.

The four friends ran through the woods as fast as they could. They didn't know where they were going or what awaited them. They only knew they had to survive this fateful night.

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