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Opening Statement About Masonic History

This Masonic variation to history is by nature long as it's my goal to provide enough information to contribute to the questions often posed. It's my belief that every writer should provide enough historical facts to support their premise and I really believe this account will do that and add further light in your Masonic travels. I will attempt to accomplish the goals of writing it by utilizing a comparative historical research design that considers historical facts and makes causal relationships/comparisons. The historical data for this work was collected from official and secondary sources of information gathered and written in four distinct parts (1) development of the premise of the investigation, (2) examination of the evidence (3) discussion of similarities and differences in philosophical beliefs and (4) based on the information gathered proposal of a casual explanation for the phenomena.

Specifically, this book will investigate what the true foundations of America really are Christian or masonic? Former President George Bush who was a devout Christian and very influential among the protestant Christian denominations made the following statement with regards to our tonic: "The United States is a Christian nation founded upon Christian Principles." Is the statement correct or are there other possible contributing factors? Let's consider all the historical evidence, examine the documents and people involved and then leave it up to the reader to decide.

The primary premise of this current investigation is as follows: Freemasonry provided the foundations of America as opposed to the protestant Christianity.

Dear reader, I realize that an article such as this is like splitting hairs, many freemasons are also Christian and experience freemasonry as interpreted through their religious beliefs. However, freemasonry is not a religion but rather a philosophy that at its best shaped individual men many of whom in became instrumental in shaping America. The objective of this writing is to strengthen your masonic understanding, journey, and place both freemasonry and Christianity's influence categorically in the accurate boxes. In order to accomplish this, I need you to consider both perspectives with an open mind.

"Sometimes the course of our life may seem impossible to follow but once we realize that what we consider to be reality is not the byproduct of physical events taking place but rather our perceptions of those events make change impossible. At other times, visiting a single place, reading a meaningful book, or a chance meeting with someone who will become important to us can make all the difference. These are what can change our views of the world and these changes can alter our journey making it profoundly new and different.

Richard E James Ed. D, Ph. D

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