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This is a fan-made (fanfiction) anime manga of a favorite Anime of mines called "Berserk". In this manga, it takes place in the same universe as "Lotus The Great". As Guts is left to fight for his life, as he is in search for his wife (Jetzí) who will soon give birth. As Guts makes his journey to also find the warrior "Lotus" and the rest of the chosen "warriors" to help him fight the enemies.

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New Home

As a city is burnt down by the wicked ones and creatures called "Crawlers",

demons terrorize everyone else who survived the flames.

Fallen ones who were once Arc Angels hunt down many humans that lived in this city were a King dwelled for many years before he was murdered because they knew the gift he had.

Many knew about a warrior who had went to war with many demons, beasts, giants, and many other evil creatures.

These people that escaped the burning city, were on the search of the missing warrior they thought was dead.

But he wasn't dead..He had left far away to find his peace from all the wars he had faced and even though many were frightened by his power, and by him going berserk...

They knew if he was around them they would have protection.

A man by the name of "Khabí" he wasn't a warrior but knew how to defend himslef.

He had a small army of 500..

Witch were more than the 300 Spartans that died in a war against millions.

Khabí had a mission and that was to find the missing warrior and save his sister that was taken by the wicked.

Khabí , who had a son named "Sebí and his daughter "Jetzí"

trained them for many years, so that if anything went wrong they could defend themselves, defend there people..

Khabí sent both on a mission to find a peaceful place for there people who survived the flames.

Sebí and Jetzí left with only there swords and faith.

As they continued there journey,

(witch took them 3 days).

They found a small village by the beach.

As they walked towards the village,

They could see many children running around laughing,

As if they lived in peace and that's all they knew was happiness...

As they got there , The people greeted them with open arms.

They were amazed because they weren't use to seeing people walk by.

The leader of the village

Had greeted both, And said," Greetings, my name is "Croger"

And i am the one who leads my people in this village..I see you both are alone, Why is that?"

Sebí replied," Our father sent us to find a peaceful place to live..Our people need a new home..Our city was destroyed by the evil dwellers".

Croger understood everything they went through because his village was also burnt down years ago...

Croger told both," You are welcome here, But understand that i love my people...And if anything goes wrong i have faith that both of you will help defend us".

Sebí and Jetzí then were invited to a feast that they were having later that night as they both went to rest.

Jetzí then asked her brother," Do you think we will ever see our loved ones again?

Sebí replies," i hope we do...but one thing is for sure...Vengance is ours.. Our mom did not die in vain."

Knowing that most of there family were most likely dead...

Jetzí venting asks Sebí," Do you think our father's sister is alive?".

Sebí asking himself the same thing..puts his head down and says,"I hope....i really do hope she is alive".

(Khabí's sister was taken away by the wicked ones).

The next day Jetzí went for a walk at the beach alone (Sebí was still asleep). she notices a small island not to far from them, she finds someone from the village to take her on a boat. (again the island isn't far at all, it took her 20 minutes to get there).

As she arrived to the island,

She notices there is only a jungle.

But she still begins to explore the island.. The person who took her on the boat tells her to not walk in deep..because there were rumors of a dangerous civilization and many huge human eating beasts.

Jetzí ignores him and says," You won't know until you see for youself..i can defend myself."

She then starts to hear weurd noises around the trees , bushes, and notices man people coming out from everwhere.

She shouts," i am not your enemy! i come with peace".

But they do not understand her,

And aim there arrows at her.

(the man that took her to the island witht he boat stayed in the boat).

The leader of the unknown tribe walks up to Jetzí and tells her,"You say you come in peace? but you will be in peices".

They all begin to laugh as the leader of tribes shouts,"i am Namuro! A true leader, a person of the sea, the owner of this island! Who do you work for?!".

She replies,"i do not work with anyone, i came with my brother to find a new home for our people because our home was burnt down."

He doesn't listen to anything she said and smacks her as she flew and hit a tree.

But then the tribe started to scream and panic as one of them point his finger and shouts," Berserk! Berserk! Guts! guts!".

The leader of the tribe takes out his weapon and looks at the direction,

And he heard Guts say,"You aren't any leader...You are weak, i could taste it....That is why your tribe is also weak."

The tribe run away and the leader is left alone as Jetzí gets up and witnesses Guts slice him in peices with his sword.

Jetzí then takes out her sword and tells Guts," Who are you? Your weapon..its huge,".

Guts replies," I am Guts..i mean no harm...i am no threat...

She looks down at the sliced leader's body, as Guts tells her that he wasn't a good man...He said he killed many innocent people, and also helped some wicked people of a huge city to go to war against innocent people for there riches. Nations were destroyed because of this war. He mentions to her that she would have been eaten by the whole tribe.

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