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Katherine Grace Yuzon is a heiress of his grandfather named Rodelio Yuzon and also known as writer in the Philippines. She only dreaming a simple life but it never happens. Through the wealth given by his grandfather, being the author and together her pasts, there some people and unexpected incident that desired to control her to get the wealth and fulfill her dreams. Things which could test her ability that proving she deserves to be the one of Rodelio's heiress, as a writer and even her love life. What if she needs to choose in between which will be remained and those she will give up just to fulfill the other? Or she will sacrifice for both however it can turn her life into danger?

Romance Suspense romantique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © @roseandtulips31

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Chapter 1: New Bodyguard

Katherine was writing her novel when someone knocking on her bedroom door.

“Kath, are you busy?" Her cousin asked after the door has opened.

“Yes. Why?” The young girl faced her and replied.

The person who spoke was Arianne, "Lolo Delio wants to talk to you," she said.

“About what?" Once more, she asked. She did not know why her grandfather wanted to summon her to his office, which pushed her wondering.

She answered back with details, “It’s your new personal bodyguard that he hired.”

“What? Oh, Grandpa. I told him before that I didn’t need another bodyguard. Kuya Fred is fine!” Katherine was expressing the annoyance.

“It’s better if you talk to grandpa,” Arianne positively advised, as it was the right thing to do to clarify things with their grandfather.

"All right, I'll just talk to him," A young lady declared, then she exited her room and made her way to Mr. Rodelio's office.

“Good afternoon, Grandpa,” Katherine greeted the old man with a lack of willingness on her face.

“You may have a seat, my granddaughter,” her grandfather said while signing some papers on his desk. He looked at her and uttered repeatedly, “I wanted you to meet your new personal bodyguard.”

“I already told you that Kuya Fred is enough for me, didn’t I?” Katherine responded with disappointment in her voice. “I don’t need a new bodyguard, grandpa. I’m fine with Kuya Fred, and you should also give me the freedom of not constantly surrounded by personal bodyguards everytime I leave the mansion.” The young woman presented long argument for the old man.

“This bodyguard I hired is better and more reliable. He will protect you anywhere. He knows every move and thought of the people around, so he can notice any incoming danger.” Mr. Rodelio made an explicit statement to his granddaughter. He knew what would be the best for Katherine, and he would do everything to protect his granddaughter from people who desired to harm her.

“Isn’t the same with Kuya Fred?” she asked.

“They have unique abilities, my granddaughter. The man I hired is better. You won’t have any doubts about him,” the old man clarified it again to Katherine. “I will let him in now.”

Mr. Rodelio called his executive secretary to inform him of bringing the newly hired personal bodyguard to his office. It didn’t take long for a young man with a tall, well-built physique, moderate height, and skin color to pass into the office.

“Luke Gabriel Bustoz!” Mr. Yuzon vocalized the young man’s full name. “Have a seat.”

“Thank you,” A new bodyguard responded seriously as he took his seat, too.

“He is the new personal bodyguard I was referring to, my granddaughter,” the old man declared with a smile to the young lady. “Gabriel, this is Katherine Grace Yuzon, my granddaughter whom you will serve.”

“Nothing different,” Katherine grumbled. “With Kuya Fred, I believe I don’t need another bodyguard, grandpa.” As she gazing to the man in front of her who had a solemn expression, and his authoritarian was noticeable.

Mr. Rodelio took a deep breath. “Listen to me, my granddaughter. You need someone like Gabriel for your safety. I won’t allow it to be otherwise because you are the next owner of the business I run, and ninety percent of my wealth will share to you,” the old man persisted to convince Katherine.

“I trust only you when it comes to these matters. I hope you listen to what your grandfather is saying,” As Mr. Rodelio making an effort to please his granddaughter.

“I can defend myself. I undergone basic taekwondo training in self-defense when the time comes that I need to defend myself, so that no longer relying on others to protect me.” Katherine’s voice was raised, but she still maintained respect when talking to her grandfather.

The young woman remained persistent that urged on her own preference, but her grandfather didn’t hesitate. He loved her dearly, and he wouldn’t let all his years of hard work disappear in an instant.

“It’s not that simple, my granddaughter. It’s not an ordinary person or group that wants to harm us, but an influential person like us.”

The old man was determined to speak with his granddaughter. He needed her to follow his decision. He figured out what was best for Katherine. Ever since the girl’s mother passed away, he had only thought about her well-being and safety.

“Alright, Mr. Bustoz!” The young man easily nodded. Gabriel knew what to do. He would go to his assigned room together with the one of a mansion’s staff members. Only Katherine and Mr. Rodelio were left in the office.

“I should go now, Mr. Yuzon,” he said. The old man only nodded his head to him as also a response while he was leaving the room with the two.

“Please, Lolo Delio,” the young woman tried to convince her grandfather, but she failed.

“My decision is final, and nothing will change that. You better go back to your room, Katherine. I still have a lot to attend to here,” Mr. Rodelio said.

The old man didn’t even look back at his granddaughter as she left on her own.

“I’m sorry, my granddaughter,” the old man said in his mind, briefly staring at the door through where the girl has left.

Katherine returned to her room. She sat on the chair and tried to continue writing her novel. However, she couldn’t concentrate, and she lost interest in writing.

After a while, her cellphone suddenly rang. It revealed that she had received a text message from one of her fan readers.

From: Elaine

Pssst! Hey, Miss Lady Green.

Are you up for something later?

Katherine: Where?

From: Elaine

It’s a secret for now. We supposed to plan to hang out tonight.

Jane also sent a message to their group chat.

From: Jane

Can you make it later?

Katherine: I’ll think about it because my grandfather hired a strict bodyguard, so I’m not sure if I can join.

From: Jane

Oh, what a pity, Lady Green!

Therese also joined their conversation.

From: Therese

Tsk, it’s not often that we get to see each other, Miss Kat.

From: Elaine

Hey, girl, why did you call her a cat? Seriously!

From: Therese

What’s wrong with that? Besides, I find it more comfortable to call her that nickname. You guys even call her Lady Green, which sounds too sacred.

Katherine: It’s okay guys but at least you have your own code name for me. Then, I can easily know it’s you, Therese. It’s also fine with me if you call me Lady Green since it’s my pen name anyway.

From: Therese


From: Elaine and Jane


Katherine: Well, I’ll see later if I can still make it. I’ll just text any of you later.

From: Therese

That’s a different strategy. I hope it becomes successful.

From: Jane

I hope so too.

Katherine: Okay, guys, bye. I’ll text you later right away.

After more than an hour, Katherine found a way to escape, so she hurriedly walked away from the mansion. She stopped for a moment outside a convenience store to text her friends.

From: Katherine

I’m here. Where are you?

From: Jane

We’re already in a taxi. Where are you then?

From: Katherine

I’m at a convenience store in our village.

From: Jane

Alright, we’re on our way.

The girl stayed for a few more minutes until a taxi stopped by the side of a store. Jane came out, followed by Elaine and Therese.

“How did you escape?” Elaine directly asked her. “Wasn’t the security very strict in your mansion?”

“Don’t you trust my abilities?” Katherine replied with a raised eyebrow at her friends.

“You’re really doing good, Lady Green,” Jane commented.

“That’s why I admire Miss Kath. She can do those action-packed things from her novels and in real life too,” Therese praised her.

“Yeah, it’s so obvious, haha!” Jane chimed in again.

“So, let’s go? The journey is quite long,” Elaine interrupted the conversation while smirking.

“Alright,” the three of them said in unison.

When they arrived at their destination, Katherine’s whole body suddenly stood on end after reading the sign above an establishment.

D&Z Disco Bar, that’s the name of the said establishment. She furrowed her brow before speaking, “Are we going in there?”

“Why? What’s the problem, Lady Green?” Elaine quickly asked.

“Are we really going in there?” the girl said with a doubt. “Why didn’t you tell me we were going to a bar?”

“Is it your first time going to a place like this, Lady Green?” Jane also questioned her.

“Yes, that’s why I got a bit startled!” Katherine replied, hugging herself.

Elaine and Jane leaned on her, “Don’t worry, Lady Green, we’ll take care of you.”

The girl looked at her two friends who were supporting her.

“Or else, your grandpa will be hunting on us.” Elaine and Jane said with a grin.

“Thanks, but-“ Katherine still hesitated whether she should really join her friends or just go home. She knew what usually happened in such establishments and the kind of people who go there.

“Don’t tell me you’re going home right away,” Jane stated, trying to anticipate the girl’s response.

“Lady Green, come with us. I know you’ll enjoy it inside,” Elaine also making her convince.

“Elaine is right, Miss Kath. You won’t regret coming with us.”

Katherine had no choice but to agree instead of going straight home. She didn’t want to waste the effort she put into preparing herself for nearly thirty minutes. She took a deep breath before finally entering the bar.

The music was loud, making it hard to hear anyone speaking. Many people younger than her were dancing in the middle of the dance floor, capturing her attention.

After a while, they found a good spot and ordered some food.

“What do you want?” Elaine asked them.

“Anything for me,” Katherine replied shyly.


“Just pineapple juice thanks,” the girl said still feeling uneasy from her seat.

It was a first time for young lady went to a place like this because even during her youth, she never attempted entering such a venue until now.

After a few moments, their orders of food arrived. Katherine ate slowly while engaging in gossip with her friends.

Thirty minutes passed after they finished eating, Jane and Elaine invited them to dance on the dance floor.

“Shall we dance?” Elaine asked.

“No, I’ll just stay here. You go ahead,” Katherine replied in timid.

“How about you, Therese?”

“I’ll just here with Miss Kath,” Therese is also declined to join to dance with the two friends.

“Okay, we’ll go there then,” Jane said. “Bye, see you later, guys.”

Katherine had been inside the bar for over two hours. She spent her time watching the dancers while chatting with Therese and it occasionally when Jane and Elaine took a break from dancing.

“Miss Kath, have you finished the novel you were writing yesterday?” Therese suddenly raised a question when the two of them were alone again.

“Not yet,” Katherine replied, taking a sip of her juice that she had ordered earlier.

“May I know the title?” Therese’s face revealed excitement to find out what novel Katherine was writing.

“Let’s keep it a secret for now. You’ll find out soon when I submit it to the publishing house.”

The girl wanted to create suspense around her novel.

“Come on, Miss Kath,” Therese demanded.

“I can’t, it’s supposed to be a surprise. Just wait, and you’ll be amazed,” Katherine said, declining to reveal the contents of her story for the fourth time.

After a while, Katherine decided to use the restroom.

“Therese, can you accompany me to the restroom?” she asked.

“Sure, I need to go too,” Therese answered back.

They finished their drinks before leaving their seats. As they walked out, Katherine encountered an unfamiliar man. He scented of alcohol.

“Hi, Miss!” the man greeted her. “Can I have a dance with you?” He swayed as he spoke to Katherine.

She quickly refused, but they were soon surrounded by seven men. Therese clung to her while Katherine assessed the situation.

“Hey, you’re refusing, huh?” the man said aggressively.

They were about to get into a confrontation when Gabriel and the other bodyguards finally arrived and started throwing punches. The commotion drew attention.

Once the men were hindered, Gabriel grabbed Katherine by the arm.

“Your grandfather is looking for you,” Gabriel informed her, not letting go of her arm. She heard him speak and they stopped walking for a moment.

“Just a few seconds. I need to say goodbye to my friends first,” she said to Gabriel, but he didn’t listen and led her straight out of the bar.

“Therese, can you tell them for me?” the girl instructed her friend.

“Sure, Miss Kath!”

Katherine nodded in response until they were outside the bar.

When they arrived home at the mansion, Mr. Rodelio presently scolded his granddaughter.

“What were you thinking going to that bar, Katherine? You even managed to escape just to go there?”

“I didn’t know it was a bar, Grandpa. I agreed to go because I thought we were just going out somewhere, not to a place like that,” Katherine explained at length, but her grandfather didn’t believe her.

“What do you mean you didn’t know, granddaughter?” Mr. Rodelio added. “That place is dangerous for you, and you could have been influenced negatively.”

“I just want to be happy, Grandpa. I want to be free, even just for an hour.”

The girl wanted to emphasize her desire for freedom, like other girls of her age. She wanted to be happy with her friends without bodyguards. But her intentions were not clear to her grandfather.

“Happy? How can you be happy in that situation?” the old man retorted. “Katherine, I’m doing all of this for you, and I hope you understand. If you think you’re not still glad with everything I’m giving you, then what else should I do, my granddaughter?”

No matter how stubborn his granddaughter was, he would not give up on her. As long as there was something to focus on what he would give to her.

“I want freedom, Grandpa. Can you give me that?”

“I cannot give you the freedom you want, granddaughter, because I have always known that you won’t be like your peers.”

After an hour of arguing with her grandfather, the words he said replayed in the girl’s mind, but she still couldn’t accept it as her fate.

Two weeks had passed, and Katherine was attending an award-winning event. After an hour of waiting, her name was finally called. Many people applauded as she standing through the stage with the trophie on her hands. She went down the stage holding a huge trophy, one of the best-selling authors in the Philippines. Afterwards, she went down the stage and returned to her seat. It was several minutes before they decided to go somewhere.

“Finally, we can eat. I’ve been hungry for a while,” Arianne said while they walking towards the room where there are indeed many people already know eating their meals.

As they were walking out, some well-known people from the entertainment industry approached Katherine.

“Can we talk with Miss Yuzon, please?” one of the country’s famous directors, Mrs. Vega, asked and accompanied by other directors and producers.

“Yes, of course,” Katherine quickly responded.

They discussed the potential novel adaptation of one of her works. The conversation lasted for almost thirty minutes.

After talking with them, Katherine returned to where they were before. Arianne was not there, so she checked out the area until someone called her.

It was her cousin, Arianne. “Kath, someone’s looking for you. He’s handsome!” her cousin sounded in a full of excitement.

“Who?” She asked.

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