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When a 13 year old girl named Jane, or as she thinks her name is, finds herself with no memory and a headache, left on the streets, a married couple take her in, saying they are her family. — What she doesn’t know is that, her family all has powers, and when she gets hers, she finds everything out. — Read the book to find out what happens next!!!

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The Begginning of The Unknown

"Excuse me, do you know where I am?" asked a little Redhead girl who looked like she was about 14, people were walking down the streets ignoring her, "I can't find my parents and I don't really remember what they even look like. Can someone help me? Please." She got down on her knees and sat down on the concrete, "I don't remember anything," the girl whispered. She looked over at a married couple who were talking to a man wearing a tux with sunglasses. They walked over to her. She was hoping they knew her.

"Oh, there you are, Jane. We have been looking all over for you. Oh, you poor thing. You must have lost your memory when your uncle ran into you on his skates." The woman pointed to a man behind them in raggy clothes holding a pair of skates. "You ran right into a brick wall."

The girl who isn't quite sure of her name yet, has a confused face. "Who are you?"

The couple sideyed each other and slowley backed away, then went back. "We're you're parents," claimed the man. When he said this, 'Jane' noticed that he had a little bit of an English accent. Sonething about that word, "parents" that didn't sound exactly American. She still had a face on that looked like she suspected something, and honestly, she did, but if this actually is her real family, she didn't want to think their liars, and she didn't know the full backstory yet. But, you would think something in your heart would tell you, in reality though, there is no way of actually knowing.

"Okay. When is my birthday?" she asked. She still wasn't sure if this really was her family, and she also didn't remember what her birthday was. The girl realizes that they could just tell her any date, but if they hesitated at all, she would know that it wasn't them.

"September 21st," they both said with a straight face, no hesitation. That date didsound familiar to her, so she just assummed that it was her real brithday.

"How old am I? What are your names? Do I have an exiting life?" Jane gasped, "Am I famous?"

"You are almost 14, I am your mother, Brianna, this is your father, James, and your uncle Harley. You do get to go on some adventures, and you are not famous," said Brianna panting throughout her sentences. You could tell just by looking at her that she was nervous and exited, but you wouldn't know why, unless you could read minds.

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