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wearing a tartan tie with a kilt is a wonderful way to embrace your Scottish heritage and showcase your connection to a specific tartan clan.

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Do You Wear a Tartan Tie with a Kilt?

Do you find yourself drawn to the charm and elegance of a kilt? If so, you might wonder, "Should I wear a tartan tie with my kilt?" The answer lies in understanding the different types of tartan ties available, the various tartan clans you can explore, and how to find the perfect tartan tie that resonates with your heritage and style.

The tartan tie is a quintessential piece of Scottish heritage that exudes charm and elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this stylish accessory comes in two popular variants - the Tartan Narrow Tie and the Tartan Bow Tie. The Tartan Narrow Tie boasts a sleek and modern design, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. On the other hand, the Tartan Bow Tie offers a classic and timeless appeal, ideal for formal occasions or traditional events. The beauty of tartan ties lies not only in their aesthetic appeal but also in their rich historical significance. Each tartan pattern is associated with a specific clan, showcasing the proud heritage and culture of Scotland. With Scot shop offering an extensive range of 1400 plus tartans, you can easily find the perfect tie in your desired clan pattern. Whether you have Scottish roots or simply admire the beauty of tartan, wearing a tartan tie is a wonderful way to celebrate Scottish tradition and add a touch of flair to your attire. So, whether you're attending a formal gathering, a wedding, or simply want to embrace your love for Scotland, donning a tartan tie with pride is a perfect choice that showcases your appreciation for this enduring symbol of Scottish identity.


The Allure of Tartan Ties for Kilt Wearers

When you think of Scotland and its rich cultural heritage, one iconic image that often comes to mind is the kilt. Worn for centuries, kilts are not just a traditional garment but a symbol of Scottish pride. To complete the ensemble, a tartan tie is an excellent choice, enhancing the charm of the kilt outfit. The combination exudes elegance, sophistication, and a strong connection to Scottish roots.

Exploring the Two Types of Tartan Ties

Tartan ties come in two distinct styles: Tartan Narrow Ties and Tartan Bow Ties, each offering a unique and charming look that caters to various preferences and occasions. Let's delve into the details of each style to understand their individual appeal and how they can complement different outfits and settings.

Tartan Narrow Ties: The Tartan Narrow Tie is a sleek and modern version of the traditional tartan pattern. It features a narrower width, typically ranging from 2 to 3 inches, making it a versatile accessory that pairs well with both formal and semi-formal attire. The narrower width creates a sophisticated and contemporary look, making it suitable for professional settings, business meetings, or even upscale social events. It can be worn with dress shirts and blazers, adding a touch of Scottish heritage and style to any outfit. The Tartan Narrow Tie allows individuals to express their love for Scotland subtly while maintaining a polished and refined appearance.

Tartan Bow Ties: On the other hand, the Tartan Bow Tie embodies classic elegance and timeless appeal. This style features the same tartan pattern but in a bow tie form, with a distinctive knot in the center. Bow ties are known for their formal and traditional look, making them a popular choice for black-tie events, weddings, and other special occasions. The Tartan Bow Tie adds a touch of sophistication and charm to a formal ensemble, making it an eye-catching and distinguished accessory. It pairs exceptionally well with tuxedos or formal suits, elevating the overall outfit and creating a sense of style that pays homage to Scottish heritage.

When choosing between the two styles, personal preferences play a significant role. Those who favor a contemporary and versatile look may opt for the Tartan Narrow Tie, as it seamlessly complements a wide range of outfits. On the other hand, individuals seeking a more traditional and refined appearance may prefer the elegance of the Tartan Bow Tie for formal events and special celebrations.

Ultimately, the choice between Tartan Narrow Ties and Tartan Bow Ties allows individuals to express their personality and embrace their love for Scotland in a way that suits their individual style. Both styles of tartan ties encapsulate the rich history and cultural significance of tartan patterns, offering wearers a chance to proudly showcase their appreciation for this iconic symbol of Scottish identity on any occasion.

Unraveling the Rich History of Tartan Clans

Tartan patterns are far more than just random designs; they hold a profound significance as they represent the diverse clans and families of Scotland, each with its own rich heritage and history. Every tartan pattern is associated with a specific clan, and wearing a tartan tie from your clan is a beautiful way to connect with your Scottish ancestry and embrace your familial roots. Whether you have direct Scottish lineage or simply feel a deep affinity for Scotland, discovering your tartan clan and wearing a tie that carries its unique pattern can be a powerful and meaningful experience. It allows you to express your pride in your heritage and forge a personal connection with the storied traditions of your ancestors. Every tartan tie becomes a tangible link to the past, symbolizing the bonds that tie generations together and the enduring legacy of the Scottish clans. So, the next time you don a tartan tie, take a moment to reflect on the remarkable history it represents and the profound sense of belonging it brings.

Understanding the Significance of Tartan Ties

Beyond their undeniable aesthetic appeal, tartan ties hold a deep symbolism of unity and belonging. They go beyond being mere fashion accessories; instead, they serve as powerful reminders of the strong bond that ties together members of a clan or family. When one wears a tartan tie, it is akin to carrying a cherished piece of their heritage with them, wherever they may go. The tartan pattern on the tie acts as a visual representation of the shared history, traditions, and values of a particular clan or family. It embodies the collective identity and stories passed down through generations. By wearing a tartan tie, individuals express their connection to a community that spans across time and geographical boundaries.


For those with Scottish ancestry, donning a tartan tie is a profound way to honor their roots and showcase their pride in being part of a larger whole. It is a symbol of kinship, a tie that binds individuals to their ancestors, their living relatives, and future generations yet to come. Even for those without direct Scottish heritage, wearing a tartan tie can still hold meaning. It represents a respect and appreciation for a culture with a rich tapestry of history and traditions. It is a way of embracing a sense of belonging to a broader global community, where shared values and a sense of unity transcend borders. As one fastens the tartan tie around their neck, they are draped in not just a piece of fabric, but a story of resilience, pride, and togetherness. The tie becomes a conversation starter, a connection to others who may share the same tartan, and a bridge to discovering new aspects of their own heritage.

How to Find Your Perfect Tartan Clan

Indeed, discovering your tartan clan is a thrilling journey of exploration and heritage. To begin this exciting quest, you can utilize an online Scottish clan finder or delve into genealogy research to trace your ancestral roots and uncover the tartan associated with your family name. Once you've identified your clan, wearing its tartan tie becomes a matter of great pride, connecting you to your Scottish heritage and allowing you to display your familial legacy with elegance and honor. Embrace the significance of your tartan tie, as it symbolizes your unique lineage and cultural identity.


Finding your tartan clan is an exciting journey of discovery. You can use online Scottish clan finder or genealogy research to trace your roots and determine which tartan is associated with your family name. Once you know your clan, wearing its tartan tie becomes a matter of pride.

Scot Shop: Your Gateway to Tartan Tie Variety

If you're searching for a diverse selection of tartan ties to choose from, Scot Shop is your ultimate destination. With an impressive collection of over 1400 tartans, you're bound to discover one that either matches your clan's heritage or resonates perfectly with your unique style preferences. Explore our wide range of options and find the perfect tartan tie to add a touch of Scottish tradition and elegance to your wardrobe.

Placing Your Order: Buying Your Tartan Tie

After identifying your tartan clan, it's time to take the next step and order the perfect tartan tie. Scot Shop simplifies the process and offers convenience by providing an extensive collection for you to browse through. Take your time exploring the wide range of tartan ties they offer, ensuring you find the one that best suits your preferences and complements your style. With Scot Shop user-friendly platform, finding and ordering your ideal tartan tie is a seamless and enjoyable experience. Get ready to proudly wear your clan's tartan with confidence and elegance!

Maintaining and Styling Your Tartan Tie

To ensure your tartan tie retains its fresh and vibrant appearance, it's essential to follow some simple maintenance tips. Here's how to take care of your tie:

Hand Wash: Gently hand wash your tartan tie using cold water and a mild detergent. Avoid using hot water, as it can cause the colors to fade or bleed.

Gentle Handling: When washing your tie, be gentle and avoid wringing or twisting it, as this could damage the fabric and affect the tartan pattern.

Air Dry: After washing, lay the tie flat on a clean towel to air dry. Avoid hanging it up to dry, as this can cause the tie to stretch and lose its shape.

Storage: Store your tartan tie properly to prevent creases and damage. Rolling the tie loosely and storing it in a drawer or tie box is a good way to maintain its shape.

Ironing: If your tartan tie requires ironing, use a low heat setting and place a cloth between the iron and the tie to avoid direct contact. Steam can also be used to remove wrinkles gently.

By following these maintenance tips, your tartan tie can remain in excellent condition for years to come, becoming a cherished heirloom that represents your clan's heritage and your sense of style.


In conclusion, wearing a tartan tie with a kilt is a wonderful way to embrace your Scottish heritage and showcase your connection to a specific tartan clan. Whether you choose a Tartan Narrow Tie for its timeless elegance or a Tartan Bow Tie for its playful charm, you can't go wrong with this classic accessory. So, explore the wide range of tartan ties at Scot Shop, find your clan, and add a touch of tradition to your wardrobe. Make a statement with your tartan tie and celebrate your Scottish roots with pride!

FAQ: Can I Wear a Tartan Tie with Any Kilt?

Yes! Tartan ties complement kilts of all colors and styles. Whether you're wearing a traditional tartan kilt or a contemporary design, a tartan tie will add a touch of authenticity and flair to your outfit.

FAQ: How Do I Discover My Scottish Clan?

To discover your Scottish clan, you can use online Scottish clan finders or delve into genealogy research. Discovering your ancestral roots will lead you to the tartan that symbolizes your family's heritage.

FAQ: Are Tartan Ties Suitable for Formal Events?

Absolutely! Tartan ties, especially the Tartan Narrow Ties, are perfect for formal events. They exude elegance and sophistication, making them an excellent choice for weddings, business meetings, and other important occasions.

FAQ: What's the Ideal Length for a Tartan Tie?

The ideal length for a tartan tie is around 57 to 58 inches. This length allows for a proper knot and a stylish look without being too long or too short.

FAQ: Can I Machine Wash My Tartan Tie?

It is recommended to avoid machine washing your tartan tie, as it may damage the fabric and affect the vibrant colors. Instead, opt for hand washing to ensure the longevity of your tie.

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