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The allegorical adventures continue with tales such as “ Arcade”, “ Bicycle”, and “ Treasure”.

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" Ooh."

Madeline had ordered a bicycle for herself at the store, and was happy to have recieved it.

" Oh, I love you, bicycle." she said.

Madeline often rode it, loved it, and would feed it fuel daily.

She loved the bicycle more than anything!

After she fueled it, Madeline would take the bicycle to the park so that the little kids could have a chance.

" Thanks, Madeline." said one of the kids.

" You're welcome."

And Madeline would ride the bike to new places.

Wonderful, exciting places.

She even brought the bike to local bike races!

Pretty soon, the bike grew rusty and old.

" No." said Madeline.

Unable to ride it, Madeline brought the worn out bike to her garage, where it stayed for five years.

She visited the bike frequently, and would often stay at the garage overnight.

Until one day, the bike stopped moving.

It wouldn't pedal, nor move, nor make a " ding" sound whenever Madeline pressed it.

" No." she said to herself.

So, picking up the bike, she went to her local fix it store.

" Mr. Fixit, can you please fix my bike?" asked Madeline.

Mr. Fixit took one look at the bike and shook his head.

" Sorry, Madeline." he replied, " There's nothing that I can do."

Madeline's green eyes now had tears in them.

" No." she uttered, " No, no, no, no."

She had loved that bicycle like it was a puppy: deeply.

" Goodbye." sniffed Madeline to her bicycle.

She walked away crying, leaving Mr. Fixit with the bicycle.

" Poor thing." he uttered to himself.

While Madeline sobbed for the loss of her bike, Mr. Fixit buried it in his yard.

" Goodbye." he said.

Ten minutes later, a garbage collector picked up the now-broken bike and brought it to the junkyard, where the bike would stay for the rest of its life.

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