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In the year 1850, You are an adventurous person who loves to go into the wilderness with Heron, your horse. One Day your father is saying that you can go into the wilderness with Heron alone. This causes you to embark on a journey like no other.

Aventure Tout public.

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First Words

It is the year 1850, you are not incredibly rich. But you do have some wealth. You are a adventurous person who loves the outdoors.

You say to your mother, "Mother, can I take Heron and ride with him in the wilderness for a short while?"

Your mother says, "It is too dangerous dear, You have never done it without your father!"

You say, "Well, at least I have Heron."

Your mother says, "A horse is not enough!"

You are dissapointed so you go into your garden to harvest a few vegetables and fruit. You are muttering reasons why you should go out with Heron and then your Father comes up behind you.

"Your muttering again." Says your Father.

"I am not muttering, I am simply, thinking out loud."

Your father says, "Listen, I know that with my knee injury and the buisness taking off I have not had as much time to do certain things. How about I talk to your mother and you can go out with Heron."

You are shocked. Your soul feels like it is jumping up and down. You hug your father, Your Father says to wait untik they are done talking and then you can go, You...

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