Isabella Guzman

Discover how Marina. Zeek, and Fishtronaut became friends in this short but sweet fanfiction.

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Enter Fish

" Hi."

Before he became the secret agent that we all know and love, Fishtronaut was an ordinary fish.

He swam in a gentle ocean with no sign of Rosy Barb nor Happy Plumb, nor anyone.

" Blub." he said to himself, " Blub, blub, blub."

Just then, an unexplained tidal wave formed from behind Fish. ( As we will call him)

" Oh no!" he cried.

Fish was the only one of his species that could talk.

" I have to get out of here." he thought.

But before Fish could say anything, a wave sent him flying

" Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" he cried.

A random crab laughed and waved goodbye.

" Bye!" he cried.

Fish tried to fly, but since he wasn't a bird, ended up getting flung to the shore instead.

It hurt his head, almost like a concussion.

" Ouch." said Fish

Sitting up, he discovered that he wasn't in the lake anymore


Fish was in a park reminiscent of a forest or wildlife reserve

There were trees on each side of the road, and wildlife roaming around in harmonious bliss.

" Whoa." said Fish

He was in Smiling Trees Park!

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