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“I never got used to that part.”

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My fingernails dig into the floor, my chest heaving, every breath is agony.

When I first came into this line of work I cried all the time. Terrible, gut-wrenching sobs. Later, however, I only cried on the hard days. Now I don’t cry at all. I don’t feel much of anything these days, my whole body has followed my legs on the path to total numbness. It’s not such a bad way to be. At least it doesn’t hurt anymore.

I hear the sound again. The beckoning. It’s that time again, she wants more. She demands more. I drag myself across the dusty floor with my arms, my chest heaving, on the verge of collapse. I reach up with a shaky hand onto the table, taking a moment’s rest as I pull down the next figurine. It’s a bad one this time, I shudder. It has a smile, sickening and evil in the darkness.

I hear it again, it’s louder this time, more urgent.

I begin the tedious task of once again dragging myself across the floor, my limp legs trailing behind me. In this realm atrophy sets in faster, they’re already shriveled and decayed. I don’t look at them. When I look at them, I throw up.

I reach the door and fling the figurine into the hallway, glad to be rid of it.

Suddenly, a gnarled, claw-like hand shoots out of the shadows. Its long fingers pick up the figurine and it draws back into the darkness. It ceases its urgent cries.

I never got used to that part.

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Abeze Thibou Hello, my darlings. You can call me Abeze, my pronouns are he/him. I’ve dabbled in the worlds of both writing and visual art, and I do believe I’m much more suited for the former. I will take commissions for both, however. Have a lovely day. :)

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Megan T Megan T
Your stories are always amazing. I know many other people are inspired by your masterpieces.
August 27, 2023, 23:59