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Ending are also beginnings.

the sound of passing cars kept disturbing my trail of thought as I remence about the how I must face the jounery ahead. ive dreaded it for so long that it now too late to pushed it further. sigh! anyways if all stories started with intresting beginings than this one is not one of those its began in an ordinary day. this is a tale of a young browned eyed girl named Katy , "Katy Frinsbridge."

i will like to inform you i like your self am not in the story but simply want to share what ive heard from a girl named Katy Finsbridge.

it was a fairly ordanary day when we met. she was playing outside my flat happily alone something was odd about her that i coundlnt put my finger on it. she had fluffy hair and a bright smile. with eyes that can draw you in an istance.

she wore brown pants and stripped poly neck which wasnt out of the ordinary since we still in winter here in durban.

I was going to take out my rubbish when i saw her playing happily undistabed by my presence. I thought she was one of my neighbors kids since i know they have two kids downstairs which ive never had taken the time to get to know them.

where i lived it quite and everyone keeps to themselves.

so, as i walk passed her i felt the air changed. a sudden chill passed my neck but i pushed it away since as isaid before we are in the middle of winter.

Ive taught myself to be nice to everyone therefore as i opend thebins i greated the littel girl and tried to make. small talks.

she stared back and asked, You can see me? without thinking I answered,' well are you invisible? i chackeld trying to make a joke out of the girls response to make her laugh but her brown eyes remained cold and confused. then I than tried to clear the air by saying. what is your name.she than answerd me. and said I am Katy , Katy Kinsbridge. than proceeds to tell me that she had not spoken to a living soul for a 100 of years. I looked at her in disbeliefe. her pale face told me she wasnt lying and I stood there shocked. I couldnt bring myself to believe anything that came out of that childs mouth. She looked to me an any ordinary 10 year girl.I was taken aback by her statement. I took a few steps back as i felt the atmosphere getting colder and everything around me seemed ordly still.

she smiled at me and walked forward, my heart started to pound out of my chest at extremely fast

pace. I took another step but I felt fozen at the spot. trying to Breathe I looked around me but i was no longer standi g by the dumpster at my complex. Instead I was transported backto what seemed to be the back yard of a house.

then she looked at me and said, this is my house.I use to live here..

use to? I answered trying to conceal how in schock i am at this moment. I waited until I could feel my legs and I could run away from what ever situation that was happening. I counted inside my heard and then ran for my dear life. I was not farmilar withn where i was. all i knew was i walked out of my house for a few seconds to throw trash but within the matter of seconds I am in this God damed forsaken place , only God know where. It was at that moment that I was once more aware of my suroudings. The girl was no where in site but I was standing before a field. ahead of me I could see a corns rows. It looked like the sun sun was setting and I being here more than fiften minite and i havent seen anybody.

I felt my hands sweats..thoughts of how I could get back home and how I even get here filled my head . I tried to close my eyes and count ... One ,two, three, four five. than I openned them again but nothing happened.

I tried to pinch my hand, Ouch ! that must hurt, Katys voice came from behind me. where am I ? My voice was shacking and I was trembling. she came close to me and touched my knee. warmth filled my body and a sudden calmness filled me. than she spoke again. she smiled and said. I know what you thinking. I am not a ghost she explained I just live in a different time from you. I stared back ay her tried to make sense of everything but i wasnt buying this story.

i had a lot of questions and she answered only one , than what am i doing here than, am i dead?

she smiled and replied “you here aint you?”

hey dont answer with another question? I replied filled with annoyance. In a blink of an eye I heard the sound, Swishhh. The next thing I new I stood inside old house and I was in the room that looked like a sitting room, with brown sofas that had wool covers on. I noticed a Tv across the room that looked like it was built before my time. vases decorated the stand. and they seem to be pictures of people I don't recognised. One looked like the girl but much older. I saw her gran parents in some of the picture. My rumbling stomach disturbed my curiosity.

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