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Marisol Guzman And Oscar Diaz, their love story, filled with violence, deaths and fighting, As 3 years before La leaves behind Oakland California because of her traumatized and gang life her dad has raised his family in.

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Any plans for the summer?” He asked wrapping an arm around me. “Yep summer school. Believe it or not, I didn’t finish with the best marks.” I said. “What about after?” He whispered in my ear making me slightly tremble in pleasure as I look at him. “ I don’t know babe .” I said getting lost in his eyes. We’ve been together since we was kids, His love for me is dangerously protective and I love him, but I can’t see him being able to walk away from this life, I don’t want him to, but I don’t want him in the cycle of violence that will get him killed one day.Melting into the kiss I loved the feeling of his fingers intertwining through my hair and his other hand resting on my thigh. Just as our kiss was getting more heated we were interrupted by his phone going off I push him away feeling the regret start to set in and I quickly stand up to escape but am stopped by him grabbing my wrist. Wait.” He says standing up and I shake my head. Go find a different hyna to mess with. I don’t wa- He was interrupted by his phone going off again and I remove my wrist from his hold and raced through the house out the front door and go home.Hey Mija, Hey I said, Louisiana says she can take you and Solana to the OB for your appointment, i pasued, okay what time? I asked, 27 in three days, It got pushed an day later because Solana’s cheerleading practice, and make sure to pick up my call and Eva she’s on her way back, Julius isn’t coming back til another month, And Your sister’s getting out from the hospital, so moms coming by he says, Okay I said, He paused, I’m sorry Mija, for what? I said, Everything he looks down, Your mom’s ties to Oak isn’t justification for what happened. But she didn’t wanna leave the one place she knew was home. I’m more sorry than you will ever know, The two years I’d spent obsessing over him wasn’t really good, It put us at odds, I wanna go see him again dad, it’s been a long time, exactly 3 months and 2 weeks. You know everything that went down because of him, he didn’t deserve you He says, the door opens, Uh. Why does it smell like un poco de terapia amor mierda va Eva says, Mija, make sure to clean the kitchen before dinner, I gotta pick some parts up for the car before the next show in two weeks. Jayden kisses Eva as I turned to see my phone lighting up, I grabbed and clicked into my messages, it was Loko, Díaz got hit, Paco and Demon is outside, I bit my lip knowing that Díaz was code word forPopping an opp, I turned around, I smiled, Hey can I just step out and like come back in a bit? It’s an quick run, Jalapeño pops for Jaina I said, sure, Eva can survive for an hour, unless your too young my beautiful teenager he says grabbing his Keys, she rolls her eyes before sitting on the couch annoyed, I’m leaving he says slamming the door behind him, what’s going on? I said, nothing she muttered, is it school? Jul—— it’s not him god she says, look I’m not forcing you to tell me about it, but I’m here for you, I’ll be back in 30 ok? Lock the doors and windows I said as I squeezed her hand before walking outside. Where he at? I said, Cove street, Cops are there in 15, we got 5 minutes he says, he hands me an piece, Padrino says 5 for his niece, I got this I said, I went home after capping that bitch who muted an innocent victim, she was 3 years old, My life’s been an whole mess, but I’ve got 8 months to fix it before it ends.

^Smoke Session wit the crew^.

demon pass it to Marisol Juan says, he blows the smoke out, how’s the little one? he says, well She’s out and is healthy enough, spent 4 months in her moms cracked belly, Poor Nina i said, Shit Eva cracked for crack, who would’ve known? he jokes, Yo watch it Hendricks, I’ve gotta go I got school, Eva’s going thru some shit, I’ll see ya’ll later I said, Hey Juan says, yeah? i said, he did his smile, Can I walk you? he asks, I’v been meaning to ask you about Esaias I said, yeah.. It’s weird, I still wanna listen to his voicemail you know? the way he died.... i’m sorry Juan I stopped, we was by his moms apartments, How’s your mom? i said, she’s good Muneca he says, we continued walking as we reached my steps,Ese tipo de amor nunca muere, siempre amaré a Esaias, Me too I said softly, Can we talk? he says, Yeah i said sitting down, whats up, uh can we maybe do it in your room he says, Sure lets go I said as I open the screen door, Ima be in my room I said as i grabbed her curly hair as eva was holding her baby on the couch watching We Die Young. welcome to de casa i said as he walks in my room first as I took my hoodie off and closed the door, You can sit on my bed you know i chuckled, He laughs, Stop actin like a female Juan I joked, my bad mama he says smirking, So what you need to talk to me about? i said, he stands and grabs my hand, I wanted to talk to you about this he says grabbing my chin as his lips touch mine I moved an little bit as he swirls with my tongue I wanted to pull away but the kiss was sweet then it was deepend. I pulled myself away, Juan I said, I know he says, I know your with spooky Lil Travieza I just cant help myself, I’m not with Spooky Juan i said, not want the whole block is sayin love he says. its cool he says, Juan i care about you i just dont want it to happen like.. this i said, I’m gonna go love, he gestures to my window, looks like OG is here he says walking out my door. i walked out to the porch, whats going on? I said, We got a new rat Marisol, where’s Paxo? we’ve been looking for him, why? is he—- look chula We need his location now, Just try to make some callas, I’ll call back tonight chula he walks to his sports car, I guess im not the only one thats dabblin with the Og’s then an voice I hVen’t heard in years, I turned to see my older friend, I smiled hugging her,El allanamiento de morada te conseguirá gorda she says as she pulled back, A little Carnal told me your carrying how many weeks? I think close fo 8 i said, she arched her eyebrow to my belly, well i shrugged, she giggles, Well Looks like we can be doing photo ops together mama she says as i gasp, how far along are you? i asked, Only about 7 weeks, Paco’s thrilled we’re having a little one she says, I’m happy for you Flaca, you deserve it i said, thanks Gorda she says, Is that Guadalupe Salazar Del Rosario my dad says, Hey Diablo she says, your moms still at Ranch Deportation? he asks, yeah she is she says, hey you wanna stay for dinner? i asked, I can’t Angel asked me to come by for something she says, Aight catch you later Fl i said, she throws our sign up before walking down the street, lets eat Mija he opens the door for me, It was around midnight when Oscar called me,what? i said, I need youMarisol, I love you, I dont love these other girls out here just... you he says, why was Ghost aaking me where Paco was? i said, he went silent, Oscar! i said, He sighs, Paco did some shit love, Santos are putting it out there - Nobody not even Santos can lie about this, Lie about what? i said, Nothing, Just... stay from this Marisol, Sad eyes is gonna come by the block, Your dad will risk blowing this up with the Norte’s, if they get the drugs too.. we’re fucked bad, I’m not in this santos gang Oscar, I said it from day one I care about you and my people, but i wont risk my life for it i said, not anymore. I know He says, Marisol I want you to meet me In twenty mins, I’ll be down the block to pick you up in 10, Love, I think you should finally listen to me and come he says hanging up, i sighed conflicted I dialed Flaca’s number, she didnt answer twice, I need your help eva says, shit i said dropping my phone, sorry but can u run to the store? he needs something cux he wint stop crying and i cant get any sleep Marisol, Eva hes a newborn, he cant fale any meds i said, try soothing him i said, I’ve tried that all damn day he doesnt want that she says, maybe he wants a—— what a hit? yeah funny she says, it was your choice eva,nlt mines, or dads, but ypurs, I gotta get some sleep i said turning my light off, she sighs walking back the stairs. i texted Flaca, hey oscar asked me to come medt wit him , should i or no? - M. few mins went by, he texted me, I’m 5 mins here, u coming? he says, I aighed aa she stsrted typing, I dunoo. guess go n see wT he says - Fl. i frowned, I knew rhat wasnt her texting, I dailed Oscar, something is up i said, why? what you mean? he says, Flaca’s texting me like shes some hood rat cant type for shit i said, what if the santos disnt really invite her back in? i asked, it’s not us baby, We’renat pacos rignt now, Leon found Angel and Kat by the tv, they’re dead, Paco isnt here, what the hell oscar i sId, look ima call you later were figuring this shit out he says hanging up. jesus christ i sais muterring. fucking Oscar Diaz.

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