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A warrior anime story that speaks of the will of a pure hearted warrior/warriors that fight against giants, crawlers, and a whole army for his people. Only a few are chosen to be warriors...

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Death of a King

As it was heard and spoke about,

A king named "Yeshoe" was slaughtered.

A special man with a gift to heal and destroy.

Not so far from many mountains, Many knew about this King that was sprecial.

Energy isn't only in one place but that energy was so huge that it chose many warriors to fight against these evil men that only had one plan, and that was to devour the chosen.

Who are the chosen? Those who have a mindset of power. Power to overcome bigger things, Their motivation comes from light..yet they have lived in darkness for many centuries fighting monsters and all type of creatures that aren't from this earth.

As the King that was in the mountains was murdered, these warriors made a pact with the Alpha and Omega,

That there mission would spread in every nation. There mission they had promissed the Alpha and Omega was to go to war against every dark tribe out there. Only because they knew deep down there were many chosen ones who didn't kill nor did they think of physical war. This is why these warriors were sent on this earth to fight for them. To fight for "The Alpha and Omega".

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