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Lotus Island, a captivating blend of forgotten legends and mysterious kingdoms, is the ancient heart of a once mighty empire, now under the enigmatic rule of the Council, a clandestine organization. Within its borders, six realms flourish under their watchful gaze. Nestled amidst this enigmatic landscape lies the Mansion, a sanctuary where the forsaken and displaced like Margot seek solace. Unbeknownst to Margot, her life takes an unexpected turn as she embarks on a fateful mission in service of the Mansion. Tasked with an assignment that will not only determine her own destiny but also the fate of Lotus Island itself, she finds herself at the crossroads of choices that will shape the course of her personal life and the future of the island. Throughout her perilous journey, Margot is accompanied by the enigma of hidden truths, veiled lies, and mythical elements that exist solely within the pages of ancient tales. As she ventures deeper into the realms of Lotus Island, she grapples with the unraveling mysteries, striving to unearth her true self and comprehend the depths of her own existence. Confronting her past and defying formidable adversaries, Margot discovers an inner strength that propels her forward.

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Archive Diaries -I-

A section related to the Lotus Island from the book "Lotus and My Travels" written by historian Arles Roge in the year 3850 Post-Imperium, archived in the Rowalan Archives:

We know very little about the land we call home. Many of us go about our lives completely unaware of events beyond the village, town, or city where we were born. This ignorance becomes a powerful source fueling our ignorance. Of course, our lifestyles play a significant role in the formation of this source. The purpose of writing "Lotus and My Travels" is precisely to help you break free from the chains that limit your knowledge.

Lotus is an island governed by the Grand Council, housing the breath of six ancient kingdoms within. Few are aware of the immense treasures this island offers. Please do not interpret the word 'treasure' as valuable jewels buried in the earth. I am speaking of history and culture.

The extensive, fourteen-thousand-year history of Lotus makes it one of the world's most significant heritage sites. From the north in Ruzaria to the south in Stedor, from the west in Imeris to the east in Rowalan, every corner of the island holds numerous treasures.

Each kingdom is adorned with unique characteristics, but the most valuable and productive of these features belong to the city of Xales, located in the southeast of the island. This is because Xales is the sole kingdom within the vast expanse of Lotus Island to possess a harbor. Undoubtedly, this is a result of the island being surrounded by steep mountains and cliffs. While ancient history books mention a beach called "Forgotten Cove" besides the Xales harbor, this information remains unverified and persists as a legend.

Describing Lotus is not a matter that can be condensed into a few paragraphs, and even hundreds of pages may not fully capture it. However, historians like myself must strive to dip our pens in ink as often as possible to bridge the knowledge gap.

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VL Valley Lord
I feel like I'm taking my first step into a big universe
November 23, 2023, 15:53
Ann E. Kalypso Ann E. Kalypso
Sounds very intriguing! I am excited to dive into your world! :)
November 20, 2023, 22:52

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