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Paige has come back! A year later, when she was practicing her magic, it somehow malfunctioned and teleported her to Twisted Wonderland’s world. The group is reunited and formed! Will Paige ever return home?

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Im Here Night Raven College!! (short!)

Previously on the 1st Twisted Wonderland: The New Portal series,

Paige removed her hands from Ruggies ears, then she smiles. Ruggie cheerfully smiles, "Yup!" He then frowned, "Wait..are you going to come back?" Paige nodded, "Of course! Ill see you soon, goodbye Ruggie." As she spoke, Ruggie sensed her radiant kind energy. "Bye!" He waved to her.

Paige waves back, then she fully escaped through the portal. Ruggie stood still as the portal dissapeared. "Ill miss you.." A small stream of warm tears fell down his eyes, and tickled his cheeks as he smiled, "Paige.."

Its now one year later in January 21..

"Come!" The heorine of the last book, Paige, stands in her large room as she holds her slim hands infront of her. Shes trying to summon her portal, and it seems to not be working.. "Dad, I cant get my magic to work! Can you help me?" Paige yelled across her room. Crowley, her "father" sighed, "Unfortunately, I have buisness at Night Raven College do take care of. Why dont you keep practicing?" Crowley said as he stepped into Paiges room.

"Wow.." Paige squinted her eyes, and looked at Crowley in an upset manner, "Can i come with you? I really want to see my friends.." Paiges eyes soften, "Again.." Crowley was already gone, "That man never listens to me.." Paige shook her head, and sighed.

For hours, Paige kept practicing, and finally she started forming the portal! "Yes! I..its starting to form..!" Paiges green eyes danced with pure joy. As she tried forcefully and impantienly making the portal larger, small bolts of electricity formed around her palms.. Her portal suddenly out of nowhere got huge! Paige cowered uneasily away from it, "This doesnt look goo-" Her body then starts getting vacumed into the portal.

"What..Wha- Stupid thing! Crowley, Help!!" Paige tried squeezing herself out, that didnt work. So all she could do is muster out a pitiful cry for help. Paige found herself in the middle of the transportation of the portal, "Wow..Cool.." She looked around, then suddenly, she started falling from the sky. "Wo-Woah!" She started freaking out, then spotted a bird flying past her.

"It wouldve been nice of you if you helped me." She cringed, then thought, "Wait..i could make a portal right?" Her eyes lit up with confidence. Paige squeezed her eyes shut, then made a portal. Which quickly sent her to some place very fermilar. "Night Raven College?!"

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