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Zhang Xin, a young space traveler, finds himself stranded on a space station after surviving a crash caused by an unknown force. He discovers that the station has been taken over by robotic guards that are searching for survivors and killing them on sight. Armed only with a small blaster hand gun and a syonic blade, he must fight his way off the station before the guards catch him. As he moves through the station, he uncovers the truth behind the crash and the robots, realizing that a sinister plot is at play. With his life on the line, Zhang must use his wits and skills to unravel the mystery and stop those responsible before it's too late.

Science fiction Futuriste Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Part 1

A young man by the name of Zhang Xin laid in the middle of a large steel lobby as flames slowly spread across the room. Zhang had long golden hair dressed in a black hooded-jacket and pants. The large black couches around the lobby went up in flames as the spreading fire drew closer to the unconscious human. As smoke slowly filled the room, the man awoke as he could feel smoke enter his lungs for a brief moment.

Forcing himself to his feet, he found himself within what looked like the lobby of a space station drifting through space, the large glass windows on both sides of the lobby had been cracked yet retained the flow of oxygen for the time being.

Taking a deep breath, Zhang began to run to the north end of the lobby where a large orange barrier kept him locked within the main lobby of the station. Placing his hand on the control terminal in front of the door, he managed to unlock the door as the barrier deactivated, allowing him to pass through the diamond-shaped doorway. “Sigh, what’s going on? Last thing I remember was...”


Zhang sat alone in the back row of black steel seats of the grand galaxy express train, a large black and gold train that moved through space like a spaceship, it had four passenger cars with the locomotive in front like your typical train but with a powerful propulsion engine on the back of the train, allowing it to take off as well as move through space at high speeds.

(Sigh, hopefully we reach the Xeil space station soon, I’m told they sometimes sell food from foreign planets there sometimes) As he checked the time on his smartphone, red lights began to go off as the train shook violently, causing him to drop his phone. Many of the other passengers let out screams of utter terror as the train struggled to make it’s way towards Xeil station.

Zhang gripped his chair tightly as xeil station came into view. That’s when he began feeling light-headed, he realized whatever had hit the train had caused the express to lose cabin pressure, meaning they were losing oxygen within the cars. After about a minute of panicking, the blonde space traveler lost consciousness...

[End Of Flashback]

“I remember now, I was on my way to this space station before heading to Sirus, the galaxy express's next stop, but something caused the train to lose pressure and we must’ve crashed into the station. Though, that doesn’t explain where the express went or where any of the other passengers are”

Shaking his head in frustration, he made his way through the long steel corridor. The floors were a black carpet with a long window on the right side of him letting him see out into space. As he reached the end of the corridor, he spotted what looked like a humanoid cyborg patrolling the area, it had a steel body with arms and legs wearing armor similar to what a knight would wear.

( that one of the station’s security guards? Something seems off about it. I should try to find a weapon just in case it’s hostile towards me) Looking back the way he came, he saw a door on the left side of the hall. Sneaking over to the white door, he slowly opened it to find a storage unit with a small blaster hand gun and a syonic blade which was a sword with a steel grip but a blade made of pure plasma energy.

Placing the blaster on his waist and grabbing the sword, he prepared to confront the possible enemy. “Tsk, I'm not a good aim with a blaster, but a sword I can make do with” Brushing the hair from his face, he slowly made his way towards the end of the hall once more, crouching behind the thin wall in front of the doorway.

Zhang looked around, but couldn’t see where the cyborg was from where he was crouched. (Damn it...I can’t tell where the robot went and don’t have time to just wait around until it comes back) Rising to his feet, he gripped the sword firmly in his right hand, running into the room. He found himself on a high balcony with steel railing in front of him and two sets of stairs on either side of the room that lead down towards a large blue crystal floating in the center of the room.

“That’s got to be the power source to the space station, or at least this section of it” Just then a horde of cyborgs like the one he had seen moments ago came marching towards the crystal from around the corner. The moment they saw him, their eyes turned red as their robotic arms transformed into blasters, firing off dozens of red energy beams in his direction.

Zhang took cover under the steel railing of the balcony as stray beams of light flew over him, scorching the steel wall behind him. (Ugh, can’t I catch a break? 1st the train crashes now the station’s guards are on a rampage. Sigh, I'll have to take them out as quickly as I can before they over whelm me)

Switching to his blaster, he slid over to the right stairway, firing off blasts of red lasers back at the squad of cyborgs as they continued to fire back. He grew frustrated as each of his shots missed by mere inches like a videogame. “TSSSK, this is bullshit!” Firing off another shot, he managed to headshot one of them, causing it to explode, only leaving three left.

“Yes! I managed to kill one of those annoying bastards, just two left!” As he prepared to fire off another round, one of the assailants sent the gun flying out of his hand, causing it to spiral through the air landing at the bottom of the stairwell. “Shit, that was the only blaster I could find...seems my only option is to go full melee and hope I don’t get killed in the process”

Unsheathing his energy blade once more, he jumped over the balcony, landing before the trio of hostile robots. “Let’s do this you pile of scrap metal” Clinching his fist tightly, Zhang advanced towards the attacking cyborgs, evading lasers as they flew past him from different directions.

With one swift slash he split the middle robot in half, piercing through it’s metal body with the immense heat of the plasma. As both targets aimed their guns towards him, Zhang fell back, evading the incoming attack as both cyborgs blew themselves up with their own blasters.

With the area clear for the moment, he jumped to his feet. “I need to find a way off this station before anymore robots decided to greet me!” With the energy blade in hand, Zhang cautiously moved through the dimly lit corridors of the station. The flickering lights cast eerie shadows on the steel walls, heightening the sense of danger that lurked around every corner. He took a deep breath, trying to remain calm and alert.

As he continued his search, Zhang stumbled upon a black door. Managing to force it open, it appeared to be the control center for the entire station. The room was buzzing with machines and screens displaying fragments of information.

Some of the screens had been smashed by the disaster with limited control over the cameras. Luckily, Zhang noticed the emergency button hadn't been activated, he quickly pushed it as a loud alarm began to go off.

"Alert! Alert! Please make your way to the emergency escape pods in the east corridor!" An A.I voice announced over the intercom.

"Sigh, seems the escape pods are my only chance at getting off this damn station! Dashing out of the control room, he raced towards the east corridor, running down a large black hallway with red carpet floors. That's when a small horde of robots came from the the left corner of the hall, blocking his path.

"Damn it, the escape pods are just down this all and now I have to deal with this!? Zhang let out a groan of frustration before whipping out his blaster pistol, blowing the head off one of the robots with a single headshot.

"Intruder alert!" They cried out firing a barrage of laser beams in his direction. Zhang was forced to take cover behind the corner, firing off shots every chance he got. The robot guards marched towards him growing closer, their onslaught of blasters flying all over the corridor.

Zhang aimed his blaster with pinpoint accuracy. He picked off robots one by one, shooting them in their weak spots, disabling them with ruthless efficiency.

With the corridor cleared, Zhang continued his dash towards the east corridor, the emergency escape pods within reach. However, just as he reached the entrance, a colossal robot appeared before him. It was a large armored robot with impenetrable plates and armed with devastating energy cannons.

Zhang was frozen with fear, an enemy like that was too strong for him to beat with just a casual blaster and plasma sword. He stood frozen in fear when the station suddenly shook. The colossal robotic guard charged up it's cannons preparing to kill him when it suddenly began to grow cold, Zhang could easily see his breath as ice bean forming around the entire corridor.

(What's going on!? Am I out of time!?) The man thought, worried that the station was about to finally run out of air. Without warning, the colossal cyborg instantly froze into a large dome of ice.

Zhang waited for him to be frozen by the cold vacuum of space, only for a man to step out from behind the frozen dome of ice. The stranger had white hair with blue eyes dressed in white space gear.

"Sorry I'm late, we were curious to why we had heard anything from this station for hours. We were making our way here when we got the emergency alert you must've triggered just moments ago. Seeing as how you're the only one here, that must mean you're the only one to survive the disaster"

The man spoke softly with little emotion as he started at Zhang lifelessley. The white-haired man turned around motioning Zhang to follow. "Come on, we should hurry back to the galaxy express before I get an ear full from my boss"

Zhang followed close behind him as they casually walked through the empty hallway. As they reached the end of the hall, Zhang saw a large golden train outside the station.

I'm guessing that's your ship?" He asked curiously. The stranger didn't respond as he walked over to a steel door that read: "Docking gate 4" After typing in a four-digit code, the door opened to a steel corridor leading to the express.

"Let us go" He softly spoke before walking inside. Zhang continued to follow as the train's doors flew open. Zhang stepped onto the train, finding himself in a golden lounge car, tables aligned around the room with the walls made of gold steel and the floor covered in red carpet.

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