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'This couldn't be happen' this Is just a fucking dream how can be a mate with the same sexuality I am a fucky guy for God Sake. 'I AM Not A GAY' I am not taking this what would people thought and most importantly' What Would My Pack Thought ' that there future alpha Is a G. A. Y Yes you are taking what moon goddess give us he is our mate 'like hell am ' you are my wolf spirit you cannot do anything ' fine then now I will make you to accept our mate Rick you just wait and watch ' we will see ' indeed we will Rick after all am alpha of this pack you are nothing without me Rick and I will make sure of that you accept our mate ' [join tha story of Adien and a future alpha of blood moon pack will they be together or will lost each other what happened to them read the story]

Romance Romance jeune adulte Tout public.

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Chapter 1

Aidan (pov)


Ugh! I growl and slam the alarm clock after some struggle with my comfort comforter I wack up and glare at my alarm clock see the time smack my head to my pillow and growl my head was spinning like hell Ugh! I gather myself and start standing on my feet and go to the bathroom to do my business and take a nice shower to get ready for another day in that hell hole called by school. Jeez man, why do people go to school and most importantly after the weekend why God why do men sound like girls now greet.

After taking a nice shower I dress up in light cream colour t-shirts with blue jacket and blue jeans I slip on my house take my backpack and head downstairs into the kitchen and am greeted by the awesome smell of pancake and Bacon with lemon sauce with weird I know but hey this is a speciality of one of my father men oh you all think how I said one of my father oh did not I tell you that my both dads are GAY. Shocking right but what can I say oh and one more shocking surprise Aiden Carter are also IS A G.Y.A Can believe that well just believe it dear because that's what I am hey but that does not mean am some kind of badass I am smart and good looking boy well that's I think.

So after all morning things and a heavy hangover here I am sitting on the kitchen island and smelling the amazing aroma of morning breakfast made by my father Oliver Carter who is smiling at me and placing the food on my plate and singing some tune which I don't know but I love his singing it makes my day more energetic so I start eating my breakfast and finish it very soon and after that, I said goodbye to dad because am gating late for my school I take my car key from the key stand and walk to my BMW car and hopped in the car and start driving to he'll hole I mean to the school jeez man I hate school.

After driving for good 25 minutes I parked my car in the school's parking lot and got out of the car only to meet a born crash hug given by my one of best friends Jaani she can take down anyone who tries to be smart in front of her and crash him or her like chips don't mind I love her is my best friend but I also love my life men if didn't pull me away from her in 2 seconds I swear am going to die any time soon.

'Can't..... Breath jaani' I said to her oops sorry honey boo she said to me and also let go of me. Finally, I breathe in relief but not in a happy way don't mind I love her cuteness but not her given name to me it's like am some type of bear from Animal Movies Yak.

So after that born crash hug we headed to the school and Jaani started telling me whole stories of this weekend.

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