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Early Day

Came home to see your vehicle already in the driveway. I open the door to find you standing there, wearing a very revealing lingerie set of satin in a rosy blush color, the plunging neckline and delicate fabric revealing to me that you weren't wearing a bra, or quite likely any underwear at all. You kissed me, giggling at my surprise as I drank in the sight before you before saying, "I took an early day to get ready for you. Kids are taken care of and away."

I wrapped my arms around you, inhaling your scent, feeling the closeness of your body through the thin material, "Mmm, dressed like that, I think I'm going to be taking care of YOU very soon."

You wrinkled your nose at me before replying, "Shower first babe, then... see what you can do about this dress," dragging a finger down my chest before walking away.

Growling after you, I sped to the bathroom, stripping down after starting the water. I scrubbed down in record time, stepping out of the shower and not even bothering putting anything on after drying off.

You were waiting for me, propped in the doorway, eyes glinting with a promise, watching me, rather a certain part of me become firm as I devoured you with a look. I took in your lips slightly parted, the pulse in your neck just under the skin, followed the line of material as it swept down, showing me the curve of your breasts, fabric too thin to resist the push of your nipples, begging me to uncover them, to lick and suck on them. Just a glance down, where your hand disappeared beneath the fabric, and I moved to you, my mouth covering yours as I brushed my hand down your arm. Kissing you deeply, I pushed you against the doorframe as my fingers dove under the fabric of your dress, following your arm, wrist, down to where your own fingers had paused, slick from the nectar between your legs. "Keep going", I told you, my voice low against your lips. Obeying my request, your fingers began moving, the pressure of mine pushing them tightly as you played. Something about that feeling, my hand touching yours as you touched yourself, working your clit toward your own pleasure, was intensely erotic, the rhythm translating into our kiss as I sucked on your tongue.

I felt as your body edged close to release, but I had other plans. Pulling my lips from yours, I removed your hand from between your legs, a whimper escaping as you looked at me in confusion mixed with heady lust. I brought your hand up to my face, the tip of my tongue dragging along your skin before one by one, taking your fingers into my mouth, sucking your juices off of them. Your eyes shuttered at the act, the intent and promise it conveyed to you as I took you in my arms and backed you toward the edge of our bed. Playfully pushing you into it's embrace, I reached under your legs, pulling your hips to the edge of the bed. Slowly kneeling before you, I draped your legs over my shoulders before leaning forward, my tongue sliding across the slick skin of your pussy in one long, slow, lick. We both moaned in appreciation, the sound escaping your throat all the encouragement I needed to bury my tongue into you, bringing forth a chorus of sounds, becoming louder as I slipped a finger into you. A second soon followed, pressing into your molten core, rubbing them against the treasure within, my mouth and tongue greedily lapping at the juices flowing freely from you. Your hands pulled at me, trying your best to get me to fill you with something else, but I held firm, continuing my attention to you until I received my reward; hearing your voice cry out as you came, your taste changing as you poured over my tongue, your legs wrapped around me, fingers clenching my head, pulling me closer if possible, my face, beard and lips coated in you as you writhed against me.

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Sean Elliot I write mostly because and about my Starlight, a person very close to me and something more. The twin of my own soul. I write mostly poetry, but also some short stories.

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