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Ghost of the hallway A family move into a new home,but find out the house is haunted.

Histoire courte Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Ghost of the hallway

Gladys and her family had just moved into their new home. the house was a beautiful terrace cottage built in the nineteen hundreds. Gladys bent down to open a box when a pen suddenly flew across the room.

" who threw that?" she asked angrily

"It wasn't me, mum replied Elizabeth.

" Maybe this house is haunted, mum." joked John in a spooky voice

Their father had trouble trying to keep a straight face.

" Dont be so daft, ghosts dont exist!" scolded Gladys.

She thought her children where playing a prank on her and her husband was in on the joke.

That night ,whilst they having tea. foot steps could be heard above them.

"I swear this house is haunted." said Elizabeth nervously.

" Only the ghost of the money that was in my bank account." laughed their father.

Gladys scoweld at her son and husband angrily.

" Tom, you'll give our daughter nightmares!" she exclaimed.

after tea,the children were sent to bed.

Elizabeth was walking

along the hallway when suddenly a figure of a woman wearing an Edwardian gown apeared.

" who are you?" Asked Elizabeth trembling.

" where is it ?" replied the ghost in a shrill voice.

Elizabeth had no idea what the ghost was looking for. Her brother and her parents came out to see who she was talking to. They were horrified to that there was no one there,except a voice saying

"where is it?"

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Kirstie G I'm 31 years old and had my first story and poem published in 2005. In 2021 i had a cartoon strip published in a comunity newspaper. I have recently had a 4 poems and a article published.

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