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A kingdom of lost people in need of a sorcerer to enable them cross-over to the afterlife.

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“You are our only hope Adriel,” Gaius told his young nephew. “We are all lost souls in this Kingdom, waiting for the great sorcerer to take us safely to the afterlife and that sorcerer is you”.

“But how is that possible, Uncle?” Adriel asked with all curiosity, He was just eighteen, and he never knew his parents. All he knew was that he was born of a sorcerer's blood. He grew up with his Uncle(Gaius). Adriel was told old tales where evil forces would darken the world, and all the lost souls would die a final death without going to the afterlife, unless the great sorcerer saved them. Little did he know that the day would finally emerge.

“You will go now to the mystic clearing, Where the pacemaker will test your powers, and you will be taught on how to control them”. Uncle Gaius placed both palms on either side of Adriel’s cheek. “Focus your heart and mind on this. You are our only hope”.

It happened at dusk, When the people of Acacia Kingdom (Kingdom of the lost) gathered around the mystic clearing, Including Delvino, The pacemaker who stood at the centre of the clearing awaiting Adriel. The people said amongst themselves

“Freedom has come to us and we will make it to the afterlife”

Adriel appeared at the centre of the clearing, He was ready to save his kingdom at all costs. “I will make Uncle proud,” He said to himself.

“Behold the hope of Acacia!” The pacemaker said in a loud voice, While everyone applauded and whistled. Adriel was dressed in a dark robe which he inherited from Uncle Gaius, He looked at his best friend, Octavia, to see if she was nervous, but she gave him an assuring nod.

“You are to summon light”, Delvino said. “It is the light in you that will destroy the dark forces and open the passage to the afterlife”.

Adriel took a deep breath, Kept his eyes closed as he circled his palms in rhythm without both palms touching the other. He murmured the exact words he had learnt from the spell book which was written by his father. Adriel could feel the current running through him, But there was no sign of the light globe on his palms.

He was now anxious as he kept circling and there was still no light. Adriel kept circling, this time faster than the first “You are our only hope”, The people cried out.

"What is going on, Uncle Gaius?" Octavia asked with teary eyes.

"I know not my child, But let's be hopeful” Uncle Gaius replied.

After series of cycling, there was a little glimpse of light, Which grew into a small globe, and suddenly the light vanished, and Adriel collapsed immediately.

The people screamed in fear, they were thrown into a state of disarray. But they were dismissed by Delvino, While the sorcery sages assured them that everything will be fine.

Octavia cried bitterly but her mother was there to console her “He will be revived” She said reassuringly.

The people finally departed the clearing, leaving only Delvino, Uncle Gaius and the sages behind.

“Let us take the boy to the soothsayer, Delacey, She will be able to revive him and explain what happened” Said one of the sages, The others acquiesced. Delvino, being the youngest amongst them, carried Adriel carefully on his shoulders.

Later that night at Delacey’s, The sages, together with Delvino and Uncle Gaius were all seated, waiting to hear something good.

Adriel was laid flat on the bed, Next to the bed was an old table with lit candles and some spell books on top, The big room was dark, cold and quiet as only the dangling of bells was heard. Delacey, The beguiling soothsayer laid her cold palms on Adriel’s chest and kept her eyes closed for a moment.

“He no longer has powers” She finally said.

“But he is the son of the late sorcerer, How is that possible?” Uncle Gaius retorted.

“ I can't answer to that” Delacey said as she stopped the bells from dangling.

Delvino still confused asked curiously “The dark forces will take over in two days, we will all be dead if he doesn't regain his powers, what can be done?” There no was answer from Delacey, She only paced back and forth till she finally came to a halt.

“I am not in position to restore his powers, But something can be done to help him”. The soothsayer walked up to the bed where Adriel was, And placed her palms on his chest again “ He is breathing”, She grinned.

“A visit to his father, that is the solution”.

“But his father and mother died after his birth” The three sages chorused. Delacey blew off the smallest candle. “His father has all the answers to your questions. I will give him a potion that will take him to the spirit world”.

“People who travel to the spirt world never return alive” Said Gaius.

“He is a strong boy and I guarantee you that he will return back, I will give him the potion now”. Delacey poured a purple fluid into Adriel’s mouth and smiled at the puzzled men.

The World Of The Spirits:

Adriel walked down the bushy paths, not even sure of where he was going, he just kept on walking. The last he could remember of himself was when he was trying to summon the light globe. “What happened afterwards?” He said to himself. Adriel became scared because he was was all alone in the middle of nowhere.

He could hear mummurs but didn't know where they came from.

“Son” A deep voice called.

“Hello?” Adriel replied. He finally saw the young man standing in front of him.

“My son” The man said again

“Father? You are my-”

“Yes I am your father, You have to go back now to save the kingdom of Acacia, The dark forces will be there in no time. Your powers vanished because I have not empowered you yet” He breathed into Adriel’s nostrils for a long time and wore him his necklace. “Go now my son, the dark forces are almost there”.

“Goodbye father, But you owe me more explanations”

“I will explain better on your next visit, But first, You must save your people. Now touch your necklace”

Immediately Adriel touched his necklace, He found himself in the mystic clearing. The people were running disorderly, the whole kingdom was turning dark.

“My son, You are back” Uncle Gaius rushed to Adriel.

“But how come they are here already?”

“A second in the spirit world is like a day here. Now, do what you must. We don't have time”.

Adriel moved to the centre of the clearing. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he circled his hands slowly, Waiting for the globe to appear, but nothing happened. Suddenly, Current ran through his body and a large light globe was summoned and the darkness disappeared.

The people watched in awe. Suddenly there was a whirlwind which formed a large passage for the people to pass over to the after life. Delvino and the three sages helped the people cross the passageway, While Delacey carried the children.

“He is truly his father's son”, The people said amongst themselves,

“You did it, son”, Uncle Gaius patted his shoulder.

“I am proud of you, Adriel” Said Octavia,his best friend.

Adriel couldn't help but smile back. At last, his people were free.

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Shaun M Waller Shaun M Waller
This is a good story, shame there isn’t more to read.
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  • Smile Daniels Smile Daniels
    Thanks. It was for a contest though, the number of words were limited November 25, 2023, 22:16
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your cover is so beautiful
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