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My first short story, I hope everyone likes it! If you want another, please comment and I will make book 2! Xxx

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It's Only Simple

I walk away from my home door cautiously as if someone was watching. I don't know who, I don't know where.

I walk down the lonely street looking down at the floor like I have done something wrong. I walk though the gates of hell and although there are many people around and many loud sounds, all I can hear is my thoughts.

Suddenly, some people come running up to me.

"Hey! OMG I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCHHH!!" Shouts Rose and the world somehow gets brighter.

"I... I've missed you too."

"Why the long face?" Kay always says stuff like that. He says everything as a joke and most of the time it's hard to tell if he cares or not but it's still nice to have him around. He is one of the only people around who ALWAYS has a stupid smile on his face. I wonder how he copes...

Jodie asks the most obvious question as always, "Do how was everyone's Christmas?"

"Mine was good but I think I might die if I have to open another present with clothes in" says Rise sarcastically.

"What is the point in saying stuff like that? You are obviously not going to die and you love clothes so technically you just lied" Ryan argued.

"Calm down, it was just a joke" Rose rolls her eyes. It's nice to hear everyone again but I just seem to be... here and not... there.

"You and your technicalities" Says Kay as if he is so fed up with Ryan. I swear they hate each other but every time you mention it, they start to change the subject really quickly. Weird.

"Okay... I think I am just gonna go unpack" I say without looking at anyone.

"Already Jonny?!"

I nod

"Okay fine, but don't come complaining at us when you miss the fun!" Says Kay. What fun? I can't have fun when I am stuck in this dreadful place. Kay walks over to Josie and puts his arm around her and they all follow. Why do you always have to be like that Kay?! I say as I walk away... in my head.

I walk towards the college double doors and suddenly everyone stops, they all go quiet and start to act strange. It's all probably in my head. I ignore the fact that people are acting strange and walk towards my dorm. B12. Second floor. I wonder who my roommate is going to be.

I get to the second floor and there is no one in the corridors which for me is a good thing. Peace and Quiet. I walk into my room ready to unpack but I walk in to see to people... having... sex!! I run out the room scarred for life! Then one of the two come out of the room.

"I am so so sorry, I didn't know anyone would be coming up yet"

Well, you should have done that another time or somewhere else! That's what I wanted to say but I stead I say:

"It's fine, it could happen to anyone. Anyway, I am Jonathan. Friends call me Jonny for short."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Jack. Again, I am so sorry. That's my girlfriend Eliza, we haven't seen each other for the whole holidays and I guess we got a little carried away but we thought..."

"It's fine!" I interrupt. "Really, it's fine. Is it okay if I can come in now?" I say with slight annoyance.

"Ofcourse! Let me check with Liz first" He walks back into the room and all I can think about is how embarrassing this is for me. I'm so stupid. Hopefully they will forget it soon but I don't think I will. Maybe it will go away while I unpack. Suddenly, Jack pops his head out the door and tells me it's fine to come in which made me jump a little.

"H..hey, how, um, how are you?" Asks Eliza. I stare for a little, her brunette hair all messy, her hazel eyes unable to make eye contact. Shes very... I interrupt my thoughts. I can definitely tell we are both very embarrassed so I try to make it okay with her.

"I'm good thanks, how about you?"

"I'm okay I guess. Uh..." She hesitates.

"Right" Jack buts in. "Eliza this is Jonathan, Jonathan, this is Eliza."

"Nice to meet you! I think I should go, um, unpack. Bye Jack." Eliza, kisses Jack on the cheek and goes to walk out the door, she stops and looks me in the eyes. "Goodbye Jonathan, it was nice to meet you"

"Yeah, uh, nice to meet you to. Bye Eliza..." I say as she walks away.

I walk towards my bed and I start to unpack thinking about Eliza but Jack interrupts my thoughts.

"So Jonny, what's your background?" He asks while sitting back down on his bed.

"Huh?" I say as I start to panic. What does he mean by that? Does he know me? Did I do something wrong? Did I...

"Like why did you choose this college?" He asks and I let out a relieved sigh.

"Oh uh, all my friends came here so I came as well I guess"

"Sick, you'll have to introduce me sometime mate"

"Yeah maybe" I look down at my bed thinking.

"Alright cool, I'd better head off then. See ya Jonny"

"Yeah, nice to meet..." He walks out the room before I could finish the sentence. I must seem boring.. I continued to unpack my bags wondering. Wondering what this college will do for my future. I don't even know what I want for my future. I chose Art, English and Bussninees classes. I don't know why.

I hear a creak from outside my dorm room.

"Jack?" I ask but no answer. I walk towards the door and hesitate before opening. I open the door. It's... dark. There's no corridor. Where's the corridor? It's all darkness. Why is it so dark?!

"Hello?!" I shout into the darkness. A whisper... a whisper follows my yell.

"I... know... who... you... are... Jonathan..."

I freeze. Cold. It's so cold. I can't move. Help... "Help!"

Suddenly, my eyes opened to being lead on the bed and a girl above me. It's, it's Eliza! I sit up to speak but she runs off. "W...wait!" I shout after her. I run out the door to find her but she is gone.

What happened? Who was that whisper? Did Eliza save me? Questions overflowed my mind...

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