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With her memory lost Amelia embarks on the journey of finding out more about her past. With each new discovery brings a painful memory about her past. Will she be able to overcome and begin her life again or will she drown in the painful memories of her past?

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Chapter 1: Shattered Reflections

Amelia woke up in the sterile hospital room, disoriented and surrounded by unfamiliar faces. It was her fourth day after regaining consciousness. She had found out she had been in a coma for a month due to her head injury. Her body had suffered minor injuries, but her head had not been so lucky.

The only reason she was alive was that she had been thrown out of her car into a bush by someone who had been in the car with her before it crashed into a concrete wall. Nothing from the wreck could be retrieved, and her companion had not been lucky to escape the flames after the car exploded. She had listened to them talking about her accident while they thought she was asleep.

No one was willing to talk about it with her. The last thing she remembered was the screeching tires, blinding headlights, and the force of being shoved forcefully out of the moving vehicle and hitting a sharp object before everything went black. The doctors diagnosed her with amnesia, a cruel thief that had stolen her memories of everything before that moment, leaving her identity scattered like fragments of a broken mirror.

She looked at the unfamiliar faces around her and frowned. Who were they? Why did they look so concerned? She could see they were also scared. She turned to the man calmly seated on the chair beside her bed, legs crossed with a blank face. She could see he was not a welcome addition to the room. He evoked a sense of familiarity that made her want to know more about him.

Who was he to her? His elegant suit looked expensive, so he was well off and likely rich. He had an aura that commanded respect from everyone around him. She squinted as she moved closer to him to study his features. A raised eyebrow and a scowl were all the responses she received from him at her daring invasion of his personal space.

"Have you finally found what you were searching for on my face?"

The lazy drawl made her jump back and winced in pain as she resisted the urge to scream. Her injuries were yet to heal, and sudden movements were the worst due to the sharp pain that settled all over her body. She hated feeling so lost, but nothing came into her mind. It was all blank. She couldn't recognize her name either. It didn't feel like hers but borrowed to replace the one lost somewhere in her brain.

"Shit! That hurt!"

A cough and a click made her look at the small crowd by the door. The lady who had clicked her tongue said in a condescending manner that irritated her,

"Amelia darling, watch your language."

Amelia looked at her and frowned. She looked at the rest, who had adopted similar expressions, and bristled at the disapproval on their faces. Who were they? Why did they act high and mighty while she was in pain?

She turned to the cold, elegant man beside her and noticed the smirk before it disappeared as his face went blank again. She looked at the shocked, indignant faces and realized she had just spoken out loud. She grimaced as she watched their reactions. They seemed not to approve of her current self, and it bothered her.

"I don't know any of you right now, so I would like you to be patient as I recover. For now, I would like all of you to leave so that I can rest."

She watched their jaws drop at her request, as they had not expected her to ask them that. 'The level of entitlement is unparalleled', she thought to herself with a shake of her head. They were about to start complaining when she interjected and shut them up.

"I know you all want to introduce yourselves and your roles in my life, but I can't remember, so it will all mean nothing. I am still in a hospital bed. Let me physically heal and attend my therapy sessions without interruptions and too much external pressure then I will try to recall my memory. The doctor said I have to heal to be able to strain my body trying to remember the past. The headaches are brutal from what I have seen, so I don't need additional pain before I heal my current pain. You can visit but don't expect anything."

She turned to Mr. Elegant as she was calling him in her brain and saw a full-blown smile on his face. It transformed his face into an endearing boyish charm that became more captivating than his blank face. She was entranced, unable to look away until he noticed she was looking at him and reverted to his usual cool look. He turned to the group by the door and said coldly,

"I let you in just in case she would be curious, but she doesn't want to know any of you now, so I hope you respect her decision. I would rather none of you came but, since you are family, unfortunately, I can allow the official visits. Nothing else from any of you."

Amelia was curious as to what her relationship was like with her supposed family and Mr. Elegant. Surprisingly she wasn't angry at his words while brushing off her family. It felt right though it was odd.

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Shaun M Waller Shaun M Waller
A very intriguing chapter, got me hooked.
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