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This story delves into the dark, twisted abyss that consumes the protagonist, leaving him with nothing but pain, fear, hatred, and madness. As he swims in this darkness, he wonders if there's anything left of his humanity. When a voice echoes through the abyss urging him to remember, he's forced to confront the memory loss that plagues him. But as he struggles to connect with his forgotten past, he's haunted by the loneliness of the abyss and the fear of becoming lost in it forever.

Fanfiction Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

#undertale #mystical #horror #shortstory #short-story #philosophy
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On the wings of the abyss

Pain, fear, hatred, madness, despair, and an endless abyss of pitch-blackness drag him down. He swims in this darkness, and it poisons him with all of the negative emotions that exist in the inhabited worlds of the multiverse. He feeds on the abyss, curled up in a fetal position, absorbing its malice. Inside, there is nothing human left, nothing bright; not even a drop.

Two black, voluminous wings of liquid blackness hover behind him, sometimes wrapping his body like a cloak. He wonders how he is still alive, why he has not merged with the abyss or dissolved into it. Eternity after eternity passes by; an unfathomable amount of time. And yet, a strange thought flits through his mind: "What is light? I don't know what that word means anymore, but it sounds pleasant and familiar..."

Memories - treasures... he lost them all a long time ago, beginning with the most insignificant pieces of memory and fragments of thoughts, but then eventually even forgetting his own name.

"Frisk, please wake up, kiddo," a familiar voice quivers with excitement or perhaps despair. "It's me, Sans. Please open your eyes!"

But who is Frisk? In the abyss, nothing matters. Suddenly, a voice echoes through the darkness, sounding like it's coming from everywhere at once. "If I were you, I would answer while you still remember...don't repeat my mistakes, child. Go, they are waiting for you."

The blackness stirs, tightly clasps him, and pushes him out, pulsating as if alive, like a mother's womb...

Thoughts, memories, images, words, feelings...everything merges into one line, here and now. Everything that was before has become the past and present.

"Please don't forget my help, child. When you remember, call my name. W.D. Gaster...It's so lonely here..."

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lW little-Raven Waltzing
I reread it again ... it's beautiful ...
July 03, 2023, 17:37
Джи Колёсико Джи Колёсико
It seems too dark, but I like it.
July 02, 2023, 04:51
Helen Kolesnikov Helen Kolesnikov
not bad, the sadness and pain of the protagonist of this story is directly felt.
June 25, 2023, 22:44

  • Джи Колёсико Джи Колёсико
    And how will your name be written in Russian Хелен, Елена or Лена? July 02, 2023, 04:53