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Two young teenagers venture into the woods. What will happen?

Aventure Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.
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Chapter the First: The Woods

“ELIZA WAKE UP“ my mom yells. I get up and my hair is a mess.

“OK ok im up mom!“ I got changed into my casual jeans and shirt. “Mom can I go to the woods?“ "Sure honey, but be careful.“ my mom said. "I will, Mom." I said. I see Lucas strolling on his bike. "HEY LUCAS!" I hollered. "Oh, hi Eliza, whats up?"

"Wanna go to the woods with me?" I ask

"Sure" lucas answers

"COME ON LETS GO!" I yell exitedly"

"OK JEEZ" lucas says loudly

(thirty minuets later)

"woah look at this rose eliza" lucas says quietly

"i stare at it happily, its...beautiful" i say slowly

"oh man, we should go now, my mom is gonna kill me if i stay here to late" I say

"okay lets go"

(we walk to my house)

"i have to get going now, bye eliza" lucas says slowly

"oh okay lucas, bye!" I start to say

(i go home)

"WHERE WERE YOU" my mom says my mom angerliy

"at th-the woods" I stutter

"GO TO BED, RIGHT NOW 3. 2. 1 SHOO" my mom says madly

"ok" I say

(I go to my room)

"Welp I guess its time for bed" I say fast

(I sigh and thump onto my beds and sleep)

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