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Remember Avery? Well, she's 17 now, and it has been a year since she's seen the strange demon. The demon that ruined her home. But now its back. When Avery discovers a small house by the sea, her curiosity got the best of her, and she went in. There, the demon lurked. But she didn't know that. After just a few minutes inside, the doors slam shut and Avery is trapped. But little does she know, it is an experience that would cost her life. Though, that is not the end. It is still just the beginning of a new adventure. By Megan T.

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Chapter l: Seashore Mayhem

Dear diary,

Its been a year since I've seen the thing, and I've been doing so much research. Here's a recap: I was 16 years old, moved into a new house filled with dead rats and strange phenomenons. And then I met some sort of monster? I don't even remember. I can't remember. But I know it was something. I'm curious though. I wonder where it went. Perhaps into a different world, or even a different universe. I don't know. But here's one thing I know: its dangerous. I just hope that it doesn't wreak havoc again.

I had to stop writing when I heard my mom call my name. "Avery! Come here and do the dishes!" She yelled through the window. I grumbled something and walked inside. Her back was turned to the sink, and then she started to talk again. "Look, I know I'm going to college next year but you gotta give me a break!" I said. "Stop treating me like I'm 12!" I screeched. She rolled her eyes and hands me the soap for the dishes. "Your still my daughter though, and your not officially a 'grown up' yet," She calmed me down. I turned around and started doing the dishes. It was summer vacation, and my birthday was this summer. So pretty soon, ill be off to start my scolarship. And its not like the house got better, anyways. We improved it slightly, but the dead rats are still hiding in the wallpaper. Creepy, huh? On the bright side, the window was fixed from last year, when the beast broke into our home and destroyed it. Anywho, after I finished the dishes, I walked outside and sniffed the air. I exhaled and tried to walk away without my mom noticing. "Hey! Where do you think your going, missy?" She hollered out the window. I ignore her and continue. I look back at her and she looked at me like she looks at Dad when he spills a drink all over the new couch. And its not pretty, I know that. I looked away and ran across the street. The cars were driving by through the giant puddles of water, and it was sunny out. It had just rained. And, your probably wondering, 'Where is she going?'. Well, I'm going to the closest beach we have around here. Sunnyshore Pond. Its not really a pond, its definitely more of a sea. Anywho, on the way there, I saw a singular house in the middle of nowhere, and it was directly on the sand of the beach. "Why is a house just sitting there in the open like that..." I asked myself. I walked up to it and attempted to open the door. It wasn't locked. I opened it fully and stared inside. It was exactly like when I first moved in. Exactly like it. Floorboards creaky, cockroaches creeping away from the door, and dead rats in some spots. I was so curious I couldn't stay away from it any longer. I had to go inside.

And that is what I did.

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