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Noah and Camila just boarded a cruise ship. Noah, boarding it with his family for his son's birthday. Camila on the other hand, going by herself for a break. But something goes wrong, and they both end up on island urous, where they find a way to survive and get back to their normal lives.

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My Son's Birthday

"Breaking news: A mysterious island has been discovered near the pacific. Multiple specialists have been sent, to investigate but we still haven't heard from them. We will be closing off the area for now. Thank you."

Camilla, a wealthy business woman in her neighborhood heard about the news but didn't think much about it. Her friends on the other hand were very interested in the matter. But, Camilla told them that it wouldn't be a big effect in hers and their lives, so they stopped their interest in it.

Noah, was a single dad who took care of his two sons. He would work very hard everyday just to put food on the table and a roof over his children's heads. He heard about the mysterious island, and told his sons. Unlike Camilla, they were over the moon that they had something interesting to research about. And soon enough they got to work.

The island was soon named "Island Urous" by the locals, because of it's mysterious character.

Noah's oldest son's birthday was coming up in a few days, and with the money he had saved up, he had a suprise.

"Kids, guess what! Were going on a cruise, showcasing THE Island Urous!"

"Really!? Thank you, dad!"

And soon, they were ready. Boarding the ship, they were even able to notice that one of the wealthiest buisness women in their neighborhood, Camilla was on the ship. Noah thought of asking her for a job at her company, but knew it was a longshot. So instead, he decided to enjoy the cruise with his sons. But soon enough, something had to go wrong...

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