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TK had always lived as a beta and when he met Carlos he was convinced that theirs would be short-lived, an alpha like the cop would soon find his omega and leave him. But time had passed, his relationship with Carlos had grown strong and they seemed to be the exception that proved the rule. They loved each other, they loved each other, they were about to get married. But one day TK realized that something had changed in himself; he didn't know what it was but he drew a lot of attention from the alphas around him, much more than before and when he returned home and saw Carlos there was no way to control his most primal instincts. What none of them knew was that that night was going to change their lives forever.

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Capítulo 01

TK looked at himself in the mirror. The rest of the team had already left the firehouse and gone home after shift, but TK had decided to take a little more time in the shower because he had spent most of the day sweating. He had taken his temperature, but he didn't have a fever.

They hadn't done much of anything during the shift either, so he didn't know where all that heat was coming from. It barely let him concentrate on anything but the image of Carlos in every possible way, all of them particularly arousing, and his brain kept telling him to go home already, to find Carlos and...carry out all those scenes.

He washed his face again with cool water even though he had just gotten out of the shower, but his cheeks were still hot.

He finished dressing and went downstairs to leave.

He passed Judd, though before he even saw him he caught the strong scent of his colleague that he had never noticed before. He stared at him for a moment as Judd finished cleaning the fire truck.

"Everything okay, TK?" his friend asked and TK gasped.

"Yeah...yeah...it's just..." Judd's scent became even more intense and he had to take a step back.

He couldn't say he was attracted to him; Judd wasn't his type, and he had Carlos, and there were a thousand other things that made it absurd to think that he could somehow be attracted to him.

But the feeling was strange.

"I have to go."

TK ran off, even as he still heard Judd calling him to ask if he needed anything. But what TK needed was to get away...though it wasn't clear to him in exactly what direction.

He kept running and soon began to sweat and his heart was racing. He passed people and each of the men who passed by him made him feel a different way: some, even those whose faces he couldn't even see were attractive; others he rejected, as if he knew them and in a certain way hated them, and then there were those who looked at him.

He could recognize a certain look of desperate desire in some, the one an alpha felt for an omega; but as a beta he had never been in that situation. The beta was there to literally be in the middle, to please the alphas, to work for them, to keep them company until the alpha in question found the omega with whom they would forever bond and form a family.

TK had always been a beta. He liked everyone and had satisfied the needs of a few alphas when they had asked him to, but when Carlos had appeared in his life, he only had eyes for one alpha.

His father had told him he should be careful about falling in love with the cop. "It's his alpha nature, he'll find an omega and you...you'll take a back seat and he'll stop being attracted to you."

"Carlos isn't like that, Dad. I can feel it, he loves me and we've been trying..."

"Don't trust the promise of an alpha, your mother can tell you that about me. Alphas without omegas are not to be trusted and sooner or later they will leave you stranded."

"How many omegas have you dumped?"

"That's your father's business."

He arrived at the door of the house turned into a sweat bath, hot, excited, trembling and with the feeling that he was going to explode if he didn't find himself soon in Carlos' arms, naked both of them, in bed or on the sofa, in the shower, anywhere, but... but... but....

He grunted and leaned his head against the door because he wasn't quite clear on what was happening to him. He had heard about heat but he knew that was only a thing for omegas, when they were ready to mate and start the reproductive cycle.

As a beta it was something he had never felt and therefore this couldn't be it. He couldn't be in the middle of a heat, as much as his body was desperate to have sex with Carlos and be possessed by him in every way imaginable for hours.

He finally arrived at the loft, where, luckily, Carlos was home to make him feel good. Carlos always knew how to comfort him no matter what the problem, so now he just had to hug him, settle with him on the couch and let everything go back to normal.

As he opened the door, he heard the sound of music. When Caribbean music played he knew Carlos would be dancing. He followed it and soon found his boyfriend preparing the laundry in the basket, dancing with that hip movement that normally drove him crazy but now also made him horny in a matter of two seconds. What was even worse, Carlos was wearing one of his sweatshirts.

It was a little tight on him as Carlos had a more muscular body than him and the sweatshirt showed off every one of those muscles, while the jeans... TK gasped at how tight those jeans were on him and how badly he needed to take them off.

Carlos turned around while separating two shirts and stared at him, as if he was seeing him for the first time in his life.

"Hey tiger... There's something different about you today isn't there?"

"Carlos, I don't... I can't..."

At that point TK was no longer able to think let alone find the words to speak normally. He dropped his bag on the floor and pounced on Carlos like a huge feline on the hunt.

He made him drop the shirts he was holding and pushed him against the kitchen counter. He began kissing him desperately and, before Carlos could do or say anything, he pulled off his sweatshirt and began kissing his chest.

"Ty... What's going on with you? You look..."

A scent he'd never felt coming from TK before entered through every pore of his skin, intoxicating him in an impossible way.

He grabbed his shoulders and TK could see Carlos' eyes turn darker than they had ever been. Then he heard him grunt and tense his body.

"You're in...heat?"

"You know that's not possible." TK moaned as Carlos started kissing his neck because his boyfriend was no longer thinking logically. "I'm a beta, I can't go into heat."

"Whatever it is, tiger...you've turned me on."

Carlos continued kissing his neck and slipped both hands under his clothes, then made him spread his legs apart and drove his knee in between. If TK had any intention of escaping, Carlos got rid of it. They both moaned for a while longer and the sounds from both of them became rhythmic as Carlos's hands lost themselves in his anatomy and his lips gradually marked his skin.

"TK... Jesus Christ... I don't know what's changed today... but all I can think about is fucking you all over the house and in every possible way."

He licked his neck and pulled at his sweatshirt until it almost ripped off, then made TK sit on the counter so he could position himself between his legs and continue kissing all over the skin of his chest.

TK buried his fingers in Carlos' hair.

Sex between them had always been great, the best TK had ever had with an alpha. From the first time they had slept together, it seemed like Carlos could read his mind about what he needed and what he wanted. Words were superfluous when they had sex.

But that feeling was something neither of them had ever experienced before. Carlos was out of his mind; as an alpha he had had moments of excitement and sexual desire, but what was coursing through his body right now was an electric shock of desperation.

He picked TK up and literally carried him to the bed. He dropped him and fell on top of him, squeezing his legs, grabbing his hands above his head and burying his mouth in TK's shoulder.

He groaned again when he heard TK moan as he bit into his neck, marking it. He had never felt the need to do so, but now his teeth dug into his lover's skin with a desperation he was unable to control.

TK moaned, arching his back as he felt a new electric shock coursing through every inch of his body. He wrapped both hands around Carlos' body and pulled to press their bodies together with all his might.

"Do you want to role play Alpha/Omega, Tiger?" Carlos whispered in his ear, his hands caressing his sides with his thumbs.

"Always, babe... I'd give anything to be your omega and be yours forever."

"You're already mine, Tee. I'll mark you as many times as it takes to make sure everyone knows and they stay away from you."

It took only five seconds for them to undress each other and entwine their legs around each other. They rolled around on the bed, messing up the sheets as they indulged in a game that could be dangerous with any other person; a game of scratching, caressing, the occasional nibble, kissing, and unbridled sex for hours.

Night fell and the day came, they destroyed the bed, although the sofa was no better off, nor the kitchen, nor any other place in the house where it was possible to have sex.

In the end, after so many hours that they had lost count they decided to take a shower because they were soaked with sweat and semen from both of them. TK joked about the sticky feeling between his legs.

"How many times did you cum inside me, babe?"

Carlos pressed TK's body against him as they stepped into the shower, reaching out and touching him between his legs. He brought his fingers to his nose and closed his eyes.

"You don't know how much our smells together turn me on."

"If I were an omega I'm sure I would have gotten pregnant tonight."

Carlos hugged him from behind and the water soon covered them both completely and he rested his chin on his lover's shoulder. "You don't know how much I'd love to have a baby with you."

"I guess we could adopt or..."

"Sometimes I dream of a pair of little you and me's."

TK blushed at the thought of starting a family with Carlos, of having children with him. He had always been afraid of being an omega, life seemed easier being beta, but now that his relationship with Carlos had become serious and they were heading towards the wedding, he would have given anything to change his nature and be able to give Carlos a child.

The desperate need to have sex with Carlos ended two days later and TK was thankful it had been their days off because he and Carlos had spent the time having sex until TK was no longer able to stand.

Going back to work the next day and separating from Carlos wasn't easy for TK, but at least now he felt better. Whatever it was he had caught had passed. Now no one was staring at him on the street and the strong smells that had been so noticeable before were no longer there. He had certainly caught a good flu but Carlos had taken care of him.

The day passed quickly as the emergencies piled up one on top of the other, from a child on top of a tree, a birthday with massive poisoning, to a movie theater where the gas pipe had exploded and the entire audience had to be evacuated.

At the end of the day, he caught up with Carlos on a call from a mother who had lost her son at a downtown flea market. Between the 126 team and the police officers in the area, they soon found the little boy who was eating fruit peacefully at one of the market stalls.

The woman ran to him and hugged him, kissed him, and took him in her arms. He must not have been more than five years old and his eyes were teary with fear from being lost and separated from his mother. The woman cried too, and for a moment Carlos and TK looked at each other, thinking that in the future they might be the parents worried about their son.

They exchanged a smile even though they were separated from each other and both understood what was going through the other's head.

"I don't care if it isn't possible," Judd said as the rest of the team looked at Carlos and TK and began to place bets on how long it would take to expand their family after the wedding. "But I swear if they could get pregnant I'd put good money on them being knocked up by the end of the year. Have you seen how they're looking at that kid?"

Judd walked over to TK and leaned towards his friend. When the paramedic turned around he found Judd almost on top of him, and he was sniffing him.

"You look different, what's changed?"

"What are you talking about?" Judd was so close to him looking at him, it was making him nervous.

Judd gestured to his neck where he could see the mark Carlos had left on him, then he smiled and clicked his tongue.

"So, you and Carlos have been having fun these days."

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