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(BOOK 1) Jeremy Wood is your basic rich guy, at least that's what others see. No one notices the scars that were inflicted on him. He plays a normal guy all too well. His past he keeps buried as deep as he can. One thing he knows for sure is that she's the reason he started killing. He can't stop no matter how much he tries. Jeremy just graduated college and is about to begin working at the biggest law firm in New Jersey. He's prepared for it all, one thing he wasn't prepared for was to find her again. EDITED BY:NATHAN O'HARA

Thriller/Mystère Humour noir Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

#stabbing #murder #psychopathic #serialkiller #lawyer #horror
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Jeremy Wood

Noah Carpender

Bella Wetzel

Sebastian Summers

Leo Plastor

Andrew Hall

Carl Richard

Jared Yaeter

Brian Black

Bethany Summers

Jeremy Summers

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