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Embracing the vibrant colors of love in the many shades of Pride, Shades of Pride follows the journey of a diverse friend group as they unite for the NYC Pride March. Darnell, Emon, Jamie, Jun, Sarah, and Sophia come from different backgrounds and face unique challenges. Together, they discover the true meaning of friendship, love, and self-acceptance. As they navigate societal expectations, intersex and enby identity, trans culture, the struggles of coming out, and a lavender marriage, they find strength in one another, in their quest for authenticity, whilst celebrating diversity and embracing love in all its beautiful shades.

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The Flashbacks Start

Sophia Chaiyawong stood before a sea of faces, her heart pounding with anticipation. The room buzzed with energy as attendees eagerly awaited her words at the LGBTQ+ allyship forum. This moment represented a culmination of a journey — one that had its roots in a time when acceptance seemed like an unattainable dream. She remembered how difficult it was for her to get here, the intense discrimination she faced, and how she fought society's headshake for her rights. Then known as Zee, Sophia sat at the dinner table, surrounded by her family. Her parents exchanged glances, their expressions a mixture of curiosity and concern.

Mr. Chaiyawong cleared his throat. “Zee, son, we've noticed your growing interest in drag performances. While we might be open-minded enough to accept that, we need to discuss something important.” Sophia's heart raced as her father's words hung heavy in the air. She knew what was coming—the looming shadow of her deepest truth. “Look, I need you to understand,” Mr. Chaiyawong continued, his voice stern, “that I will never be okay with you changing into a woman. It goes against our traditions and our beliefs.” Frustration filled Sophia's heart as her mother reached across the table, her voice gentle yet conflicted. “Your father speaks from his own fears and cultural expectations, son. We would still love you no matter what.”

As Sophia took a deep breath, the memories of that dinner weighed upon her. After that night, she came out to them and never looked back. She worked hard and used her brain to work and save money. Sophia knew the journey she had embarked upon was not an easy one, but she had found the strength to embrace her true identity despite the obstacles. So, standing before the forum, Sophia began to speak, her voice filled with determination and vulnerability. She shared her experiences of self-discovery, the burden of coming out as transgender, and the unwavering support she had found from her true friends and chosen family.

“I stand before you today as Sophia, a transwoman who has fought tooth and nail for the fundamental right to be her authentic self,” Sophia proclaimed, her voice resonating with conviction. “My journey hasn't been easy, y'all, and the road to acceptance is still long, but I am here to remind you that love, empathy, and allyship have the power to change lives… and what more? The world.” She scanned the room, locking eyes with her friends, Darnell, Sarah, Emon, Jun, and Jamie, who all sat among the audience, nodding with pride in their eyes, their faces filled with admiration and solidarity. Within a short period of time after their very first night together, the group had become her friends for life.

Anyway, with her attention back on the spectators, Sophia's voice filled the room, her words echoing with authenticity and hope. “I always say this, and,” she continued, “I'm saying it again. We need to emphasize the need for compassion, understanding, and the importance of creating safe spaces for everyone within the LGBTQ+ community, to the people who are clueless. My journey has served as a testament to the power of embracing one's true identity, no matter the obstacles, and I will not back down the road. So, this is me saying with pride that I, Sophia Thongsalakorn Chaiyawong, do solemnly vow to evermore campaign for the protection of trans people. And I'll be screaming ‘long live all the memories we would make.’ I'll have a marvelous time of my life fighting dragons with y'all. Happy Pride Month, everyone.”

As she concluded her speech, the room erupted in applause. Everyone rose to their feet, harmoniously waving their little pride flags, screaming “long live!” and showing their support and appreciation for her powerful message.


Emon Huda sat alone in his room, surrounded by silence as the moonlight spilled through the window, casting a gentle glow on his face. The room housed an air of melancholy, as Emon's thoughts traveled back to a time when he struggled to find his place in the world. He had never forgotten the day he brought a boy home after ending a relationship with a girl his parents had hoped he would marry. The tension in the air was palpable as Emon introduced his parents to his new companion, Amir. The room was filled with disapproving glances and hushed whispers. Emon's heart raced with a mix of fear and determination.

Emon took a deep breath, mustering the courage to open up to his parents about his true identity. While the heavy weight of their expectations felt suffocating, he could just not keep denying who he was any longer. He longed for acceptance and understanding from the people he loved the most, even though he knew they would practically disown him. That very night, his parents looked at him with a mix of confusion and concern. His father, a religiously traditional man with a kind heart, struggled to comprehend the complexities of Emon's emotions. His mother, a devout woman, sought guidance from their faith, hoping to find solace and a way to reconcile their beliefs with their son's truth.

“Emon, we only want what's best for you,” his father said, his voice trembling with vexation. “Why do you choose this path against the right path?” Emon swallowed hard, his swollen eyes meeting his father's. “I know you cannot accept the fact, but that's the fact, Baba. I can't deny who I am anymore. I'm attracted to cisgender males and females, and I want to be honest with myself, with you, and with Allah who knows.” “Do not blaspheme one more time, demon!” his father yelled and wiped a smack across his face, but he staggered and gained balance immediately after. His mother spoke softly, tears welling up in her eyes. “Emon, your father raised you to be a good Muslim. How can we reconcile our faith with this… this act of an infidel?” But Emon was having none of that.

Emon took a deep breath, his voice filled with a mixture of conviction and vulnerability. “Allah does not teach us to be blind towards humanity,” he said. “He teaches compassion and tolerance, which — I'm sorry to say — you fail to learn. My attractions don't define my faith or my value as a human. I believe that Allah created me this way, and I hope that you can find it in your hearts to accept me for who I am. Hence, I will not mend my shitty relationship with Samira. I will date Amir, and you will not fuckin' stop me. I am a full-grown ass adult.” His use of forbidden words rubbed salt on the injury. “That is all I have to say.” A heavy mass of silence hung in the air. The room stayed frozen in time, the weight of their words dancing hazardously above them.


Thirteen-year-old Jun-Jae Kim sat idly in the sterile doctor's office, surrounded by the faint hum of medical equipment. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kim, sat on either side, faces very etched with concern. It was one of the many meetings they all had attended over the past few months, discussing their child's intersexuality and the diverse complexities of their body. The doctor, a compassionate figure, spoke in hushed tones. “As you all know, Jun's body exhibits a combination of, uhmm, external genital features, hormonal variations, and gonadal differences,” she said with a warm smile. “Because of these rarities, they possess partially developed testes along with small ovarian structures.”

Mrs. Kim clasped her hands together, eyes brimming with worry. “I don't want to ask too much, but,” she said, “I'm too worried about my child's future to not be inquisitive, doctor.” The doctor smiled. “I understand,” she nodded and tried to offer reassurance. “It is important to note that Jun's intersex variations are a natural part of who they are,” she informed. “We will continue to monitor your child's health and provide the necessary support. As Jun grows older, they will have the opportunity to explore their identity and make decisions in regards to their body that align with their authentic self.”

Jun, their gaze fixed on the floor, felt a mixture of confusion and frustration. All these years, they had yearned for a sense of normalcy, to fit into a world that categorized people into rigid boxes. They were not having any of it anymore. “Junjae,” the doctor said, her voice filled with empathy. “Remember that you are neither defined by medical terms nor by societal expectations. Believe that your worth and identity surpass these definitions. It is about embracing your unique journey and finding acceptance within yourself.” The weight of the moment settled upon Junjae's young shoulders, but they were determined to navigate this complex terrain and forge their path. They looked at their parents, finding solace in their unwavering love and support. No one understood their situation or non-binary identity except the three adults in the room, and Jun had been taught by them to know that their intersexuality was just one aspect of their beautifully intricate self, and — though they were only thirteen — they were warming up to embrace it, boldly and unapologetically.

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