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It seems like just recently Daniel Perkins was rocking the stage on alongside Terrence MacClife, Edward MacClife, and Peter Rose and thought he was unbelievably lucky to date a girl like Anna Seymour. But one fateful day, he loses his memory after an unknown incident and does not recognize his best friends. Any attempts to bring his memories back lead to failure. Moreover, the men and the girls have to rescue Anna, who refused to help Daniel for some reason and got in touch with the one, who abuses this girl cruelly but pretends to be an angel in the flesh for her parents.

Romance Contemporain Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

#past #action #mystery #love #friendship #death #hurt-comfort #secrets #drama #romance #secret #memories #memory #cheating #memoryloss #crime #family #thriller #criminal
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Chapter 1: May Your Soul Rest In Peace, Pretty Boy

A deep silence. Gloomy, cold weather. There are many high trees around and uneven paths on both sides. There is a little fog in the air, which is the reason you can barely see what’s happening far away. There is nobody around. There are no streetlamps that would light up this place. The middle-aged dark-haired man with glasses is driving his car on a one-line road at full speed, talking on the phone, and examining some papers placed on the passenger seat. At first, he does not care that the place where he is kind of weird. But some time later, the man starts to realize that something is not right.

“Gosh, what is this place?” the man asks himself, looking around with widely open eyes and holding the steering wheel tightly. “Is the navigator working badly again?”

The man checks out something on the navigator in his car and presses some buttons several times.

“Freaking navigator! I’m too late for the meeting! I have told myself, ‘Buy a new navigator!’ But I saved it for later!”

The man leans his head back and exhales sharply.

“Yeah…” the man thinks, knocking at the steering wheel with his fingers. “It seems like I’m going to waste a lot of time getting out of this middle of nowhere. Oh… I would’ve better stayed in a traffic jam for a longer time…”

The man has nothing but to go on the straight road at quite a high speed and look around in search of a way to get out of here. Additionally, he manages to find something in his phone and examines something in his papers again and again.

“Oh, shit, what a mess!” the man resents with a heavy breath. “Nothing is clear… If only they did not refuse to collaborate with us. If they refuse, or something goes wrong, I will lose a lot of money… My career will be ruined immediately!”

The man drives on the road at a high speed for some time and does a few things at the same time, getting more nervous because he does not know how to get out of the place where his navigator told him to go. Then the phone, which is put in a special place, starts ringing. He shakes and grabs the steering wheel tighter for two seconds, but then exhales sharply, takes his mobile phone, and answers the call.

“Hello,” the man pronounces as if nothing happened.

“Mr. Summers, everybody has come,” the man’s harsh voice replies. “We are only waiting for you.”

“I’m on the way, Mr. Collins,” the man jabs excitedly. “I ended up in a traffic jam and decided to find an alternative way…”

“This deal is very important to us. If our negotiation goes well, our firm is going to collaborate with one of the best companies in the USA. They are very honorable partners. We have no right to lose a chance to make a deal with them.”

“I know… I’m also terribly nervous.”

“You have at least half an hour to come here. Our partners are coming together and also a little late. But you must come here as soon as possible. We cannot start discussing everything without you.”

“I’m driving as fast as I can, Mr. Collins. I promise I will be there very soon.”

“I will get them busy with talks until you come here. Drink a cup of coffee and get used to everything… Maybe, we will check out the documents again.”

“Yes, yes, try to satisfy them,” the man says in a little shaking voice. “So, it’s easier for us to agree on their wishes and ours.”

“Alright. By the way, Mr. Summers! Today I could not find reports for the second half of the month. I asked the secretary, but she said she gave everything to you.”

“I have these reports, Mr. Collins, don’t worry.”

“Oh, alright. I was just worried that I had lost them. It’s alright. You will give it when you come.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“And something else… Give me the number of our interns immediately. They did not come to work today, and I want to call them and find out where they are. Ms. Jenkins said you knew how to contact them.”

“But you have their mobile numbers!”

“I called them, but they were kind of swallowed up by the ground. So, as they are your familiars, I thought you might have the other numbers of theirs.”

“I can give you their home numbers. Someone is always at their home.”

“Then give me the numbers of these two idlers now! I will get them out of the ground. They can do nothing but want to get the same money as bosses!”

“Yes, yes, Mr. Collins, now… Damn… Damn, I can’t remember… I can’t remember… They’re written in my notebook. I will try to find them now.”

Forgetting about watching the road, the man opens the glove box and looks for the notebook, holding the steering wheel with the elbow of his hand, which holds his phone, and pressing the gas pedal strongly.

“By the way, why do you say they are idlers? They are quite good and smart guys!”

“Because these ‘normal guys’ began to miss their workdays and come with a hangover often,” the man replies excitedly.

“Hangover? But they have never drunk!”

“I was not born yesterday, and I can see when a person is drunk.”

“I do not know then…”

“You know what kind of youth is living now. Nobody wants to do a thing, but everyone wants to earn one million dollars! Getting a little money and working in a lower position is a shame to them!”

“Yeah, right…”

“Oh!” the man exhales sharply. “Listen, Mr. Summers, find the numbers of those boneheads and come here now. These people look at me badly.”

“Y-yes, yes, sure. I am about to come… And find the numbers of those men… Now… Damn, where is that notebook? A-r-r-r, it all irritates me!”

“Mr. Summers, calm down, please,” the man says quietly. “Don’t be so nervous. Or our negotiations may go wrong.”

“Oh, I cannot be quiet when a lot of money and my career are at stake. If not for the traffic jam, I would’ve come to you a long time ago, and we would’ve started our negotiations.”

“Don’t worry, I will explain everything and tell them you are in a traffic jam. Some people have not also come.”

“Gosh… Why did I not get the problems on a different day? Why does everything go wrong when it’s a very responsible moment? That’s unfair! I just…”

The man does not speak his mind because he briefly moves his eyes to the road and sharply has to press the brake, which makes a loud, disgusting squeak. He does not realize that the view of the front glass of his car gets closed by… A man… Who hits his head strongly against the glass, leaving a great crack in it. The car drives the man on the front glass for a few meters with a whistle. Then it stops sharply. The man’s body falls to the asphalt like a stone, rolls onto his back, and gets soft. His skin gets deathly white, and a lot of blood appears on his face, head, and one of his hands. After falling, he ends up on the cold asphalt, not giving any signs of life.

The whole body of the pale man gets literally squeezed by the cold chains. At the realization that he just hit the man with the car. Probably, to death. The man, becoming speechless, grabs the steering wheel with both hands and looks at the one, who is lying on the asphalt in blood and not moving with his dumbfounded eyes. The first mind he thinks about is the fact that this event may lead to death. The fact that he, a family man and successful careerist, may become a killer because of his recklessness makes him shake like a cowardly bunny and imagine how he may be tortured in prison. Maybe, the man being terribly white and dumbfounded would keep sitting in the car for a long time and having horror in his eyes while watching the unconscious man bleeding and not breathing. But a loud voice on the phone, which he is still holding in his hands, makes him come back to reality.

“Erm, Mr. Summers?” Mr. Collins pronounces hesitantly. “Are you alright? I heard the wheels trundle! Did you hit someone?”

But the man says nothing and keeps watching the unconscious man with his widely open eyes.

“Mr. Summers, can you hear me?” Mr. Collins expresses anxiety.

“Erm, y-y-yes, yes, Mr. C-collins,” the man pronounces in a shaking voice. “I am a-alright.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, yes, I am… Erm… Excuse me… I will call you later… See you soon…”

The man ends the call and puts his phone where it was placed. He, being white from fear and shock, shakes strongly with a feeling of the fast heartbeat for a few seconds, not being able to find the courage to get out of the car to find out if his victim is alive or dead. But a few seconds later, the intelligent man with glasses puts off the belt with his shaking hands that barely obey him, opens the door, gets out of the car, and faintly comes to the unconscious man wearing a gray sweater with half-rolled sleeves and black jeans.

“Hey, man…” the man pronounces hesitantly, finds the courage to come closer to the unconscious man two seconds later, squats down, and shakes him by the shoulder. “Sir, can you hear me? Say something!”

The man claps the unconscious man on the cheek and looks at his deathly white face covered with bright red, fresh blood.

“Hey, man, man!” the man exclaims excitedly. “Answer!”

But there is no answer from the unconscious man. A little later, the man pays attention to the cut, bloody hand, takes it, and looks at it closely.

“Damn, did I kill him?” the man asks himself in a shaking voice with horror in his eyes. “No, no, it can’t be the truth! I can’t become a killer! I can’t! I can’t! I have a family! I have a wife, children… I can’t…”

The man shakes his head, closing his mouth with both hands and feeling how fast his heart is beating, and his body is shaking strongly. While he prays that his victim stays alive after such a strong hit, an ugly man wearing dirty clothes with crazy green eyes, thin, greasy red hair, and a scar on half of his face comes to him a few seconds later. It does not look like he is worried about the unconscious man. Vice versa, this man laughs evilly as he looks at the victim of the event, but the man does not notice it.

“It happened accidentally, sir!” the man jabs excitedly with a heavy breath, starting to gesticulate actively. “I distracted myself from the road and did not notice him getting under the wheels of my car! I swear I didn’t want it!”

The man grabs his hair, feeling that something is pressing on his chest and not letting him breathe well.

“If he dies, I’m ready to get a punishment. Yes, I have a family and a job, but I will do it…”

The man looks at his hands and sees that they are dirtied with the blood of the unconscious man, not having enough knowledge about first aid.

“Please, help me!” the man begs in a high voice with pity in his eyes. “Call an ambulance, the police, or who should come here… We must help him! I don’t know how to do this! I have never done that!”

But the man, who does not look nice, healthy, or adequate, does not rush to do anything and looks insolently at him and the man being terribly scared and white with his head proudly raised.

“Why are you standing?” the man wonders loudly. “The man is dying! If we do nothing, he will die! He hit his head strongly!”

“Get out of here,” the stranger pronounces in a rude voice.

“What?” the man opens his eyes widely. “No! No, I will not leave! I must help this man!”

“Did I say it unclearly?” the stranger barely holds his anger down, clenching his big hands into fists tightly. “Get out of here! Do not dare to come here anymore!”

“Are you out of your mind? How can I leave the one, who got hit by my car?”

“You will not touch him with a finger.”

“Please, sir, call the police and an ambulance! I don’t know how to do that! I have never had to do that!”

“Either you, bastard, will get out of here immediately, or I will kill you and bury your corpse right here,” the stranger threatens a little louder.

“I will not leave!” the man says confidently. “And I am not going to avoid the punishment if this man is dead!”

“You should not care whether he dies! Minus one bastard that does not let me live!”

“Alright, I am calling some of my familiars and asking them how to call the police and an ambulance.”

The man gets up, rushes to his car, opens the door, takes his smartphone, and wants to type a number that he comes up with. But the crazy man looking like a homeless drug addict runs to him sharply, takes the mobile phone from his hands, and throws it aside.

“Are you nuts?” the man resents loudly. “Do you know the price for this phone? I was working for nobody knows how long to buy it!”

“Either you get out of here at your wish, or you are dead,” the stranger hisses through his teeth. “I swear, I will turn your life and the life of your family into hell. Do what I say, you, idiot with glasses!”

“I repeat, I will stay here until the police and an ambulance come here. If you do not care about what is going to happen to this man, you can leave.”

The man finds his broken phone, comes to it quickly, and takes it from the ground. He sees that the screen is broken, but the gadget is still working, and tries to call someone and ask them for help again.

It means he has a chance to call someone and find out how to call an ambulance and the police. But the furious stranger runs to him, grabs the smartphone, throws it away with a loud, furious shout, slaps the man in the face strongly, and grabs him by the collar with both hands.

“I’m warning you for the last time, ugly four-eyes man: either you get out at your wish and forget what happened here, or your family may get money for your funerals,” the stranger says rudely. “DID YOU THE FUCK GET IT?”

“You are really insane,” the man replies coldly. “Crazy!”


“Let me go! Or I will call the police!”

The man gets sharply out of the grip of the man with a scar on his face and looks for his phone, which suffered much more after falling and hitting against the asphalt. But this time, he does not take his mobile phone because the crazy stranger with wide eyes runs to him from behind, uses a chokehold, takes the jackknife from the pocket of his old, shabby, and torn jacket, and puts it against the man’s throat. So, the man shakes strongly in surprise, gets immediately white, and shows a hard resistance. But, the stranger puts the blaze of the cold gun closer to his victim with an irritated growl and a heavier breath.

“Erm, let’s agree without wounding,” the man jabs in an exciting, shaking voice with widely open eyes. “We can agree on everything.”

“Decide yourself, four-eyes: either you die along with this bastard, or you get into your car and get out from here as far as possible,” the stranger says rudely in an evil voice, still threatening the man with a knife.

“If you w-want m-money, t-take it… I will give you everything… But don’t kill me… I have a family… A wife… A son… A daughter will be born soon… I must provide for them…”



“And don’t dare to go to the police and tell them or someone else that you hit this bastard. If I know you move your long tongue, I will get you. Do my best for you to have a long and torturing death.”

“I can’t leave this man here! I’d feel remorse if I didn’t help him! I wouldn’t be able to live if he died because of me!”

“YOU WILL DO!” the crazy one screams. “OBEDIENTLY!”

“No!” the man exclaims.


The man being terribly scared says nothing and is just breathing too heavily with widely open eyes, wishing to help the one, whom he hit, but being afraid of this horrifying stranger, who is threatening him with a knife.


“Erm-h-h-h…” the man stutters, realizing that he better leave this place and keep silent about hitting the man.

“HEY!” the stranger puts the jackknife much closer to the man’s throat with a quiet growl, literally killing the man scared to death with his furious, wild look that would make anyone get goosebumps on their back and fall from weakness. “I’m giving you ten seconds to leave this place. TIME GOES!”

The stranger pushes the man rudely off himself and points the end of the knife at him, not stopping to look at him coldly. The man hesitates for two seconds, feeling a strong shake in his body and having horror in his eyes when he looks at the cold gun in the crazy man’s hands and the unconscious, pale man bleeding and lying on the empty road with no moving. But then the intelligent man takes two steps backward, goes slowly where his broken smartphone felt, takes it hesitantly, swallows up nervously, and grips his phone tightly.

“GET OUT!” the stranger screams.

The criminal pushes the man to the car, literally making the man hit his face against the front glass. Meanwhile, the intelligent man does not notice that something small gets out of his open pocket, which nobody cares about. It rolls on the ground for two seconds and ends up next to the unconscious man. No matter how much the man wants to help the suffered person, he has to run. Like a criminal. Trying to guess if the one he hit is alive. The fact that he is too slow makes the stranger much angrier, as he is wrapping the knife in his hands and threatening the stranger with it. Being scared, the man gets into his car immediately, closes the door with shaking hands, puts on the belt, and presses the gas pedal as strongly as possible. And when the auto hides far away with a whistle, the stranger starts laughing evilly and loudly. A little later, he moves his eyes to the unconscious man and gloats because of the scene that he sees. Two or three seconds later, the stranger comes to him with his head proudly raised, squats down, and grabs him painfully by the hair, literally killing him with a look full of hate.

“Your time has come,” the man hisses through his teeth. “Of course, I appreciated the way you could snap and fight. But it did not help you. Of course, I am sorry I did not kill you, but I hope that skinny four-eyed one did it.”

The man grabs his victim by the hair much tighter.

“Die, bastard, DIE! I wish nobody had found you. NEVER! Your sissy dreamed of seeing you so badly, but it will never happen. Because her brother will die. If it’s so, nothing can stop me from doing anything I want to her, not being afraid of getting caught. That gal is mine. She will always be mine. ALWAYS!”

The crazy man starts laughing loudly with a widely open mouth.

“Nobody can catch Eugene Walter Wainwright and put him in prison again! NOBODY! And it’s going to be super easy for me to find that puppy, MacClife, his brother, and their pals. I shall destroy them. And then I will finally reach the girls of those bastards.”

Eugene laughs evilly, thinking about his dirty sexual fantasies for a few seconds.

“I want to possess that sexy blonde Natalia. I had been dreaming of caressing her gorgeous, naked body for the past few months. Feel up her big, tough boobs. Undress her, spread her legs, and get my dick into her… Hear her moans… M-m-m… She is the only one to moan to get me excited for a few seconds. Oh, yeah, babe… I am going to get a lot of pleasure when she and her friends are going to be mine.”

Eugene keeps his head in his sexual, dirty fantasies for a few seconds, but then he starts laughing loudly and evilly, and moves his eyes to the unconscious man.

“Rest in peace, bastard!” Eugene hisses with evil and grabs the man rudely by the collar. “Your pals and girlfriend saw you for the last time. They will no longer see you. You will never be found and recognized. NEVER! But wait for your pals because their funerals are also getting closer. They are next in line. May your soul rest in peace, pretty boy! BURN IN HELL, SCUMBAG!”

Eugene slaps the man strongly in the face and pushes him so that his soft body rolls to the side. By the way, Wainwright does not notice how his black jackknife gets out of the pocket of his coat and falls next to the victim. After watching the deathly white Perkins bleed with blood that stands up against his white skin for some time, the criminal, smiling evilly and laughing loudly, gets up and leaves this is place with a proud walk. While the victim of this event keeps lying on the ground and giving no signs of life, while a strong wind shakes the dark strands of his hair slightly.

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