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Young and Rich, what more do you want from life? But 'Sparkle' wants true love. Despite all of her insecurities, will she come in terms to let true love enter her life?

Romance Contemporain Interdit aux moins de 18 ans. © This is an original work. Warned ⚠️

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Chapter 1

The lady of the hour just finished reading “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Brontë. It’s 3 in the morning. Sparkle is feeling like a ghost and has a weird urge to laugh like one of them. Her eyes shine with a gleam of a martyr who has become insensitive to the pains whatever may come in future.

She decides to go for a walk so that she can return to her simple world with simple problems. She wears a coat, a hat and sets sail for her return ironically. The thoughts of the story keep bothering her. Something in her wants to bring solace to the characters by somehow intervening before the disaster sets in. But alas! She is helpless but to see the same story repeat again as she cannot change it. At the same time, a part of her wants to pacify herself that life need not be so harsh either.

She keeps pacing for a long time on the footpath in the late midnight and the exhaustion hits her back into this world. She stops a taxi pass by at this precise, perfect moment. She gets in and tells her address. She notices another passenger.

He is a young man near her age dressed in the most elegant manner probably belonging to the rich class of the society. He is submerged in his laptop, speedily typing something. After reading such a novel, nothing appears scary or interesting.

Seeing this young man, she gets reminded of her crush who doesn’t care. Nothing can be more baffling. First, he liked her, kept liking her for so much time. But he never approached her. Okay, seeing his persistence she liked him back and thought she herself should approach him first. And when she did, he just ignored her. She thought maybe he was angry for her indifference that she had shown him all this time. So, she crushed her ego and tried to approach him another time. But he ignored her again. She became tired of taking the lead. Maybe this entire scenario has reached an end. What actually happened is a mystery…

Thereby, this young man has no effect upon her at all. He asks her the time and she replies 5:30 am. They see each other’s faces in the shadows, both lost in their own worlds. The taxi comes to a halt and the young man gets down first, in front of a giant black gate surrounded by equally giant walls. The lights turn on. Both gets to see each other clearly for the first time in this journey.

She is surprised to set eyes on such a handsome person. He has steel grey eyes, athletic figure and a hoop in his left ear. He asks her name and she replies in a calm voice asking his name in return. His name is Yule. He pays the driver a hefty amount and says to take her fair from it too. He winks at her and vanishes behind the giant gate.

She feels good. It was light hearted and fun. The taxi moves on to her destination.

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