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First few chapters are presented in the last years of Hogwarts, others are mails from Sirius to Remus in which they talk about their life, music,work,hobbies and literally EVERYTHING. Trust me you’ll love how basic and heart-opened their conversations are + yes there will be some trauma/sad stuff but not a lot!!! Be prepared for butterflies in your stomach as there WILL be A LOT of romance (especially teens love haha). Some ships are: James+Lily,memories of James+Regulus, Marlene+Dorcas(little but will be) and LOTS LOTS of wolfstar!

Fanfiction LGBT+ Tout public.

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Welcome to your life.

A whistle came. The sound struck in the ears, deafening all the students.

“Up, up in the air brooms.” - the professor squilled, making it obvious that he was not pleased to see them. Plus The marauders assumed, didn't have a good morning either.

Not struggling, James flew up offensively enough for Sirius to go straight after him. Remus got it later but still managed to keep up with Peter.

“Wow they are good”

“Obviously, it’s James” - Remus smiled at the boy. He had never talked to him and didn’t pay attention to him before either.

For Remus's luck, the brunette boy explained who he was himself.

“I’m Frank. Mr.Longbottom, i'm sure you don’t remember me but I’ve heard a lot about you, Remus.” - he smiled at him awkwardly.

Remus felt embarrassed as he had made Frank upset.

“Oh..well nice to meet you..”

Frank smiled and flew off.

Remus wondered for a moment and decided to catch up with Peter. James already finished and he was only half way through, not surprising.

As Remus and Peter went 3rd from the end they didn’t go to detention.

“That was close to Moony” - Sirius stated, slowly landing his hand on Remus’s shoulder.

James spoke: “Should I come last for you to hug me?” The intentions were clear, as Sirius took off his hand and gave out a small smirk.

They didn’t further develop this topic. It was good as Remus was obviously not ready to talk about his obvious attraction to Sirius and hear what Sirius had to say either.

This was the last lesson for this year and now only packing and last dinner left. Everyone, every marauder knew they’d miss this year. The time together, singing and writing songs, the pranks and “unnoticeable” flirting of two members of their group. Everything was about to end in 1 year. This sounded scary and it in fact was. Remus struggled to concentrate as he had been thinking about that all day, but luckily both James and Lily were kind enough to help him get his things done, like packing up and cleaning his bed.

“Thank you so much guys, I don’t even know what I would do without you” - that one was true, Lupin had no idea what he would do if either of them was gone.

“No problem mate!” - James smiled and waved at Lily to go.

They went away.

Remus was left alone to have a read of his new favorite book, “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison. He loved the description and how well she developed characters in her book.

He wished he had known how to write well enough to produce books too.

“Knock knock” - a melodic voice came from behind the door.

“Ye come in” - Remus was kind of sure it was Peter, about to tell him it’s time for dinner. But it wasn’t. It was Sirius.

“Hey Moony” - he smiled at him, flickering away his long, dark waves of hair.

Remus shuddered, but when he saw Sirius, he fixed his hair and began: “Oh hi Sirius”

“Can I..?” - Sirius pointed at the seat next to Remus.

Lupin nodded, straightening the blanket at the place where Sirius was about to sit.

“ O gracias mi amigo, ahora estoy muy cansado!”

Remus turned to him in misunderstanding but Sirius just laughed.

“ I started learning Spanish, it’s such a beautiful idioma, oh Moony how I wish I could go to Madrid one day and see all the people talking this lovely language, oh I wish..”

Remus didn’t say a thing but looked at Sirius with bright eyes and a big, thrilled smile.

“So why did you come to me?” - he finally said

Sirius turned to him, Remus dragged him out of his beautiful day-dreams. He looked concerned for a second before remembering: “Oh ye! Of course, picnic, obviously.. how come I forget”

“Huh? Picnic?”

Sirius smiled at him.

Remus couldn’t resist smiling back, Sirius’s smile was the kind of smile that lifted up your mood immediately.

“You know it’s the last day of y6 and everyone will be in the hallway, eating and talking about their plans. So I had this thought.. Maybe you want to sneak out to the garden and eat biscuits or something there?”

Lupin’s heart pounded faster and cheeks grew bloody red and flaming hot. “Was Sirius himself, asking him to sneak out with him?”

This was something he had dreamed of since meeting them on the train.

“Yea”- that sounded hella stupid: “I mean, of course, why not.. I mean it’s the day anyway..”

“Oh great, I’ll leave saying I’m going to the bathroom around 6, five minutes later leave too. Fine?”

Remus was stunned, unable to contain his excitement he felt his eyes itching as a small tear ran down his cheek, past his nose and down small red freckles on lips.

“Did I?” Sirius looked scared as fuck. “Have I.. did I say something wrong, Moony?.. I’m.. we don’t need to.. if you don’t want..”

Remus smiled at him, making a small laugh.

“I’m sorry, Padfoot. I just… it’s the fear of losing you and.. and boys. Only 1 year.. I can’t believe that.”

Sirius exhaled.

“I thought you hated me. You dumbass” - they laughed.

“I’ll see you for dinner then?”

“Ye, go with the boys for

now, I’ll catch up with you at the dinner hall!”

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