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A man who tries to survive the world after an nuclear explosion, and he is also expected to fulfill her mother's wishes to reunite his siblings after they were separated from birth

Action Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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The begging of the darkness

It was 1994 when the population of the earth was to high. The planet was running out of water also food the government declared that women can only give birth to only one child they all agreed. But when my mom was pregnant the doctors were also shocked. She was pregnant with 4 children my mother begged the doctor to not tell the government but the doctor also feared for his job and life so, he said to the women we have to kill the other 3 and continue with one. But my mother didn't agree, she looked at the doctor and said to him, this is a gift from our god i cant just kill them. "Ohhk i will be right back then", said the doctor.

My mom saw the doctor making a phone call, then she jump out of the bed she couldn't run but she tried to run as fast as she can, running to the bus stop. She arrived at home. Crying she was," what am i going to do with 4 Children". She didn't have a choice she had to dump them at the camp of children,that's were children with out parents stay. After birth she only took one child and the other 3 she took them to the camp. She had hope that the one child she is left with will go and look for others when he grows up.

1997 a war was declared to reduce the population nuclear bombs were sent to undeveloping Countrys. People tried to evacuate in time. My mom didn't even hv a car she was even to old to run with no were to hide she decided to build a little bomb shield under ground. I was only 3 by that time not even knowing whats happening.

We heard alarms, my mom grabbed me by the hand and placed me in the bomb shield and gave me a little backpack with a little kiss, she closed the pod all i heard was an explosion i cried but no one would hear me. With nothing to do i stayed in the pod for 3 weeks untill a man wearing a mask opened my pod. The air was toxic i couldn't breath very well he gave me a mask too. I looked around the was nothing left, the sky was so dark. He took me and my little back pack" lets go kid" he said.

We arrived in a shelter the were few people there, others were even crying in pains. He asked for my name "two" i said. He laughed and said "your name kid not numbers" i just looked at him confused, i was because that's what my mom used to call me. He grabbed me by my hand and said, "from today on your name is Rocky and i am your commander". He rushed to help others.

After few years i lived with the commander who teached me how to fight and also surving skills. I was the best at it. People sometimes would just fall and die we didn't have doctors by then my commander was the one who was well trained and knew few things, he was a special ops soldier who was left behind because he thought that what the government was doing was not right. We were few who were left. We would send few groups out each and everyday to go look if the is still a land that is survivable as the land we staying in was not fitile anymore due to the nuclear bombs.

Others would come back dead, others with symptoms of the toc sickness, toc is a short for toxic disease. Mostly it would make u cough blood and be blind after that it's death. A person who died by that disease should be touched by hand as it may spread. I came running to the commander's tent,the group is back sir. We rushed to them open the gates shouted the commander. When we opened the gates they were only 3 of them. Your codes asked the commander. Sir we lost them all we tried our best said the one guy on the group he was full of blood he was crying we lost 17 sir and I'm scared for the life of others who are still out there and we still didn't find a fitile land. Breath said the commander he asked again your codes.

The was this one black guy wearing a yellow jersey he said we lost the codes sir . Silence! Said the commander pointing at him he looked at me and said go light the night light. The night light used to inform people for a meeting. It was night time people started to gather around commanders tent. Commander its time i said he was wearing his favorite combat suit it was so clean and beautiful. He went outside. Pointing his hand up pointing at the moon my people we here today once more to talk about the problem we having we running out of food and groups to send out its been 5 yrs since we survived the nuclear bomb and i think we can survive this too, people shouted yess we can!. Commander pointed at the black guy with a yellow jersey who was sent out, he asked how did our fellow man die. Sweating the was another man in the crowd shouted who's that guy? Know everyone was confused they didn't know him. Commander looked at me grabbed me by the neck, he is not from our camp, hold him i shouted guards grabbed him, wait wait i can explain.

Explain know i said pointing a sword on his neck.

Oh..k he said i walked for 194 days looking for survivable people i was the only one left.

Well i thought i was untill i met your group,what did u do putting pressure on the neck. He coughed nothing he said i only helped. It came from know were and it was very quick i tried my best to help them i did. I asked what was that u tried to stop?the commander stopped him from talking tie him to the tree talking to the guards . Then the commander left to his tent at night i couldn't sleep thinking what could have attacked our people. I really wanted to know more. Left my tent to the tree the prisoner was tied on.

Here drink water i said. He laughed so know u acting nice to me. Placing the cup to his mouth i wanna know what attacked my people. Well u wouldn't believe me if i told u said the guy after he drank the water. But anyways let me just tell u I'm bored, he said looking at the dark sky.

Well it all begin after the nuclear bomb i worked on the railway so this other day i was sent to fix a disturbing sound under the train tunnel the explosion happened the rocks fall and closed the tunnel i tried to call for help with no response i had to dig myself out only to realize the country i used to know was no more the sky was so dark buildings were crumbling down it was nothing that i have seen before i tried to look for survivors but they all died i thought i was the only one left until i met your people. The thing that killed them it was very quick they didn't even have a chance to even look at it, i saw it once it can fly and sure damn good at hunting i call it the night shadow, sure yeah it has two legs and also two arms u could agree with me that sounds like a human but the flying and the quickness no human can do that. I wrote everything down how it looks like and how to kill it i studied it for years know my book is at..bam a gun shot, the commander could even wait for him to finish he just shot him. Enough talking Rocky go back to your tent know!. said the commander pointing at my tent.

The guy couldn't even finish what and were to find the killing book know i started to feel like the commander is trying to hide something from us i had to find out i trusted him as a father but his actions determined that he knows something.

Its been a few days know the is no sign of the other groups food was running out, we had no choice we had to send another team . The draft will start tomorrow afternoon said the commander, we were at his tent he was telling me so that i can pass the massage to the people. I grabbed A chair and seated down,but sir we dont have enough man to send and we still waiting for other groups we dont even know whats out there we maybe sending another sucide. The commander just gave me the list of the group that must be announced tomorrow afternoon. I went back to my tent i was just looking at the list all i could think about was that thing killing our last man we have we wont survive i had to go back to the commander to convince him. I went back to his tent but when i got there i heard him talking to a guard. All i heard was the guard knows what to do. I did not know what they were talking about but i wanted to know. I entered they both looked at me.

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