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Life is mesery

Everyday in my life I feel like I have nothing to gain, as I spend my whole life feeling nothing but hard ache and pain.

The house that me, my mother and brother live in, feels like nothing but a prison, like someone on purge night in fear carrying around their gun. When being at this house I feel that life is going nowhere, feeling fatherless because my coward ass father would up and disappear. Living at this house is not a game, as it would put a movie sequel like Saw 1, 2 and 3 to shame. I got so far in life to live with no electricity, like living in a world full of darkness and insanity. My brother Justin would quarell, cuse and shout, which is nothing new, like being in a movie Get out which should be part 2. This life is nothing more than jail, a jail that I would be in for life without bail.

Living this life is misery, like being dead buried in a cemetery. My father is no where around, like everyday is a dark day as the only thing I do is frown. This life is just one big bluff, even the employee of the mouth certificate that I've achived is not even enough. I feel like I could never have true happiness, living in this hunted house of a house, like a grave site that I should be put to rest. This life I live is like a curse, feeling like a dead body carried away in a herse. There is no enjoyment, like a sore that has no ointment, looking foward to another disapointment. Pain, fustrasions and misery follows me every where I go, would it stop?, I don't know. I hate life living in this house, I stay here I wonder why, everyday feeling like I want to die. I wanted to move on to a better life, but instead I have nothing but hard times and strife. I hate this generation which makes me vex, for the young boy wants to become a lil'Nas X. What is the purpose for men to seek a young woman to be his wife, for they know nothing about being one, and would ruin your life. I don't risk being married, nor do I want to be single, for either way life is completely dull. I feel like after I've fought a battle I suffer wonds and scars, haven't commited no crime, but feeling like I'm spending life behind bars. I hate this life hoping that it could get better, living like this it would never. Hate this, wishing that this stress would go away, but yet still it would forever be here to stay. Lord please deliver me from this hell, working hard and not doing well. It's been four weeks and my father has'nt come back you see, him leaving when we are going through a hard time shows how he lacks integerity. This life of mine is a struggle, fighting of these many demons that I wrestle with ever muscle. I feel like I belong nowhere like I don't have a home, feeling like I belong out on the streets where I would rome. Nothing in Barbados I could call my very own, just feeling like I died, or just alone.

"Life is Mesery"

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