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This story is about a regular 16 teen year old struggling with the grief of her mother and it’s even worse her dad is dating and cheating. She try’s to live a normal life but still is traumatized. Her death was so tragic she was sick but toward the end.. maybe she was murdered

Fiction adolescente Tout public.

#murder #death #teenlife
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A crumbled up page

As all my girls out there already know being a girl is hard. Stress, Cramps, Wanting to change your whole body. Much like me right now as im in my teenage years. Im fiona im 16 years old. You should know my mom died when i was about 10. And my dad is currently dating. Grief is hard and life isnt the best right now. Mom always taught me to look at the bright side but what bright side is there? my moms dead my dad has like 3 girlfriends and is an alcholic. So life isnt the best. Since im a catholic i usually turn to God I often turn to prayer. He helps me alot i just dont understand if my mother was sick and my dad was sick as so was i how could she only die. What can this mean. My dads a cheater my mom had found this out 1 night before her death. Could that have to have something to do with it? Did my dad kill her?? "Fiona get downstairs you have a guest..." My stepmom... I always liked her but shes been acting strange since mother died and does not like me bringing her up. But thats not realvant here lets get back to the story shall we? "Oh fiona ive missed you dear." She then leaned in for a hug and i hugged her back not wanting to be rude. Mom had not known about stepmom but i did dad says she was a friend and they just fell in love. I find that hard to believe. If dads cheating on girls now and im suspecting he cheated on mother them im propably right. "Ow!" i feel onto a piece of the ground and it was a broken tile i picked up a letter. Father picked up on this and grabbed the crumbled letter out of my hand. my heart dropped. It was something of moms. "Are you okay?" father said and went completely silent. "Father whats on the letter its from mother i want to read it. "No it is not safe." "Dad it says its to me." "I deserve to read it.


To: my darling Fiona

please read this after my death

Did my mom know she would die. Why would that be on the letter. Whats going on... "Father let me read it!" I grabbed it out of his hand and stepmom looked shook. "Its about mother i need to read it." Okay but you have to promise me youll not show or ever talk about that letter agian. "Fine.."

Fiona the first thing im gonna say is Run.

What... Father you killed her. Stepmom spit out her water with a giggle. I didnt really know why but dad looked confused. I then glanced at the next paragrah.

"Second im not dead..."

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