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The story is about a young boy who inherits his grandmother's house. He decides to sell off his grandmother's belongings. The boy finds a box, he decides to open it but a strange scarlet smoke starts coming out of it and inside the box he finds a bracelet. For a few days he keeps the bracelet on and strange things start happening to him, hair starts growing fast all over his body and after a few days he starts to feel that he is losing his vision. After a week he becomes completely covered in hair. The villagers in that village begin to get scared at the sight of him buzzing through the streets and decide to kill him, but when they get to the guy's house they find him there dead. One of the locals decides to call an ambulance to pick up the guy's body. When the guy's body is taken to the morgue for an autopsy, it is discovered that hair has begun to grow not only on the skin but also on his organs.

Horreur Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Feneral. Part 1

Friday, 12 noon, Aiden was sitting at his office computer, editing his colleagues' reports. After a few more pages of the report, he was distracted by a sudden phone call. Because the phone was facing down, he couldn't see who was calling. Aiden picked up the phone and turned it over, the screen saying 'Unknown number'. I wonder who could call me from an unknown number during office hours. - he thought. Aiden sighed and lifted the green receiver button.

- Hello, you are Aiden Bell. - A voice came from the phone's speaker.

- Yes, it's me. - Confused, Aiden answered. - How do you know me?

- You're the only relative of Elizabeth Bell we've been able to contact.

- Has something happened to her? - Aiden's heart leapt, cold sweat began to drip from his forehead and he was out of breath.

- Yes, Miss Bell is in the hospital in a serious condition. She's had complications since her last heart operation, so she's only got a few days to live. She asked me to call a family member to come and say goodbye to her. But unfortunately you were the only one who answered. Can you tell me if you can make it today?

What Aidan heard sent a shiver down his spine. His heart was beating even faster, his smartwatch told him. He reset the accelerated heartbeat alert and said:

- What hospital is she in?

- St Mary's, sir.

- OK, I'll be right there.

Aiden hung up the phone and got up from his desk. Stuffing the phone into his bag, he grabbed his favourite black coat with the Godwin Charlie patch, which he'd bought last year when he'd flown to Australia on a business trip. He walked at a brisk pace to his boss's office, his heart still racing. As he approached his boss's office, his nerves made him forget to knock and just walked in. Aiden could do that, the boss was his best friend.

- I have to go to the hospital, so I'll be away from work for a few hours.

- First of all, hi. What, did you have a problem?

- I just got a call from the hospital that my grandmother is in a serious condition and wants to see me. - Pouring himself a glass of water, Aidan said in a shaky voice.

- OK, I understand, in that case you can take two days off. - He walked over to Aidan and put a hand on his shoulder.

Aiden nodded and left the office. After walking a few metres he found himself at the lift and pressed the call button. He worked for a large IT company 'Capita ptc' with over 61,000 employees, so he had to wait quite a while for the lift. As soon as it arrived and the lift door slid open, Aiden ran into the lift cabin and pressed the button under the number "-2". That's where his car was parked. As the lift descended to the right floor, Aiden opened the map app and typed in "St Mary's Hospital" to find the shortest route. After a few seconds, Aiden had found the correct route. At the same time, the lift arrived at the 2nd floor.

He put on his coat and stepped out of the lift. On the way to his car, Aiden launched an app on his phone and pressed the driver's door. The car then made a sound and the front door opened. Aiden was a very talented programmer and from his first interview he was able to negotiate a decent salary. He had always dreamed of buying a Tesla and after just six months of hard work for the company, Aiden was able to make his dream come true. Aiden jumped into the car and slammed the door behind him. He buckled his seat belt, pressed the brake pedal and pressed the start button on the app, and the car started. He punched the same route Aiden had found into the Tesla's navigator and drove out of the car park. Although Aiden's hands were shaking, he drove more or less smoothly. Suddenly he heard his phone ring and casually took his hands off the wheel, but the car managed to go into autopilot mode before he hit a tree. He let out a breath and picked up the phone.

- Hello... - Aiden said in a shaky voice.

- Hello, this is the courier, you weren't home so I left your package by the letterbox.

Aiden sighed in relief and said:

- OK, thank you.

He remembered that he had ordered a coffee maker from Amazon the other day and it had finally arrived. Aiden hung up and threw the phone on the back seat. He put his hands back on the wheel and resumed his route. No one called him for the rest of the drive.

His office was almost on the outskirts of town, so he had a long drive ahead of him, and after ten minutes he had just entered the city. After a few blocks and two intersections, he reached the hospital. He pulled into the car park and parked his car carefully. When he got out, he almost forgot his mobile phone in the car, but he remembered it just in time. Aidan grabbed the phone and locked the car. He crossed the road at the footbridge that connected the car park to the hospital and entered the main building.

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