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Francesca's life is like glass, shattered against the floor...

Poésie Romance Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © No part of this poem or the whole poem can be published without the author's permission

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The Beach

The boy I loved broke my heart;

Shattered my life like I was glass;

He stabbed my heart to bring a fountain out;

Then he threw my life into the trash.

Everyday, I glued my heart;

Trying to fight the tears back;

For the glass he broke, pierced me deeply;

Wabbled around so tender and feebly;

I cursed him everyday, under my breath;

I was beautiful, I needed no zest;

For beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder;

He found another girl, much, much cuter.

I buried my heart into the ground;

For it never to be found;

To be played with like a toy;

All in the name of I love a boy;

Never again will he play with my heart;

Never again will it shatter in my hands;

Never again will I be dumfound.

I held my breath as I put the pieces together;

It wasn't better but it was together;

I cry in agony as I hold it;

It felt empty but I didn't show it.

I stroll on the beach, lifeless and hopeless;

As I sat down watching the sun shimmer in glee;

As it set below the sea.

I found a withered rose on the shore;

Asking for help, but no one responds;

I sit next to it sharing my pain;

They say no pain; no gain but there is no gain!

I watch as its petals fly off;

One by one, they are off;

Until nothing remains but its stem;

As it drops to the floor; crying in despair.

Our lives are similar, I can tell;

They forgot our love; oh woe is we.

I can't see if we will ever live happily.

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