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The story of the twin robots named Helen and Eden explaining pros and cons of AI in the current era to convince their boss named Herdy who is confused with credibility of the mission to make the twins work together through the entire project. The rest is whether they got that demand approved and by how it has been made possible.

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The twin Robots

It was the time when the twin Robots Helen and Eden were given life by a scientist named Herdy to emulate human understanding and cognition through Artificial Intelligence. He worked so hard for hitting the nail on its head and to make the concept of machine learning meet human values without any compromise.

People call it Artificial Intelligence (AI). But for Herdy, it is not just an AI or a project, but the entirety that keeps him alive for attaining his lifetime ambition.

Herdy never kept himself away from realizing the importance of not being left alone but assisting one another, irrespective of their success or failure. He was crystal clear about this and never wanted anyone to compromise that. He was deeply rooted in faith that humanity is cultivated by empathy i.e. thinking for others in the first case, following the next to be assisting each other and being assisted attitude. He believed in the magic of sharing an effort for the effortless accomplishments. He had always dreamt of both Helen and Eden being together through the entire operations they carry out, right up to their completion and even after crowning their credibility.

He denied the way, the reality being projected, that one has to sacrifice personal or professional life to bring about a reform in any one of the other options. He sensed that nobody needed to be abandoned all alone for their aspirations to come true. Giving them the necessary space would suffice for them to attain success. This is the main reason for his inspiration behind developing the twin robots. Having put his effort to make the models of the twin robots, he decided not to stop over. Furthermore, he taught them a lesson to mutually assist each other throughout their lifetime. Also, he believed that the quality of empathy is the main reason that contributes to humanity's way of thinking. And he had always put his effort a step forward in making the twins realize the human way of thinking and emulating empathy. But it was not a cakewalk for having made it happen all of a sudden, giving liveliness to reality. But still, he had gone to the extent of naming them by their life purpose to show them how they should mould themselves through their entire lifetime. Yes, he did it quite well, by naming them Helen and Eden implying the light and the paradise in the order of their occurrences. Humanity is both the light making the paradise a fine place to reside in and the paradise making the light a marvel in rendering a visual treat. They counterpart each other in giving a meaning to each other's life along with maintaining their uniqueness by understanding their life purpose being channelized in the right way. Light only helps in reflecting, illuminating and rendering the paradise what it is, as such a visual treat to our eyes. In the same way, the light has the quality of removing darkness which is its uniqueness and is not disturbed by the paradise. The light doesn't destroy the paradise in darkness. It is only not visible in darkness but would be back again the same visual treat when the light illuminates it. After all, they both are part and parcel of each other with their uniqueness, complementing each other. Herdy was expecting the same would be the life of his dearest twins.

Things do not stop here. In the actual implementation of the projects that needed to be handled by the twin robots, he had to face many hindrances in assigning shared tasks that may require both of them to share the same space throughout.

The projects demanded both of them separately handling the other amateur robots for which kind, they kept themselves always away from many offerings and stood by the side of their boss Herdy. It is rather easy to be said than done. Countless nights had gone simply without sleep. It was Helen and Eden who consoled and motivated Herdy for sustaining his confidence for his future endeavours. There is nothing that could stop him from being proud of his twins for the amazing understanding they had for him.

A year back, they have been approached by the Space exploration team for employing the twin robots to coordinate between the ground station and space station teams. One other time, the same trauma ran through everyone's mind, robots were not an exception anymore.

Helen seemed to have nothing to be bothered about Eden working in the space station team. But, Eden and Herdy were not convinced to do so.

Helen argued not to deny an offer that could make Herdy's prestigious ambition come true.

But, Herdy replied poignantly that this can never be a solution to the problem because they are not the only ones to be solely relied upon. If suppose, any problem arises in decision making, they have to bear the full burden on their shoulders and retract from the project. Furthermore, they both had to face the consequences both individually and separately. And that is what made the Herdy's decision to step away from this project.

Helen and Eden were well aware of the positive sides of the projects and the reason why they were needed for this project. Indeed, there were quite good reasons for taking up this mission. It was for the benefit and good of everyone.

Herdy gazed at them with his posh smile and said 'Of course, they indeed have some calculations running up in their mind. If suppose you had to take up the tenure for years extended and that makes me devoid of my hope. ' Herdy was haunted by the same concern and wanted both of them to work together because he specifically designed both of them to defend the other when encountering a mishap. But for sure, nobody would choose to compromise human power over robots and he was worried about the same.

Herdy did not stop there but continued 'You both are wanted for more precise results, for a risky operation demanding to take authority for the decision making and that is not the case for other robots. You are wanted for a risky decision making process. Noncompliance of any kind would put you both in trouble. Furthermore, you are wanted for speedy operations and that is possible under the condition of both of you being together because I have designed you both that way. And, I never wanted them to be overridden by anybody's interruption for the same reason. If the collected data is biased, the decision based on that biased data would also be biased. I suppose you both get that right into your head. No more convincing me. I would not tolerate any more, Hope you both understand well. ' said Herdy.

But, Helen and Eden were not ready to stop with this and worried about what would it have cost them and how it will impact in their absence. The twins had a firm opinion that there was no doubt in saying that technology was an essential part of the development and growth of humans.

Heard of Orbiter Mission, How are they reaching such great heights? The first reason is the human brain and the second is artificial intelligence. And the twins strongly believed their creator more than anything or anybody else and expressed their confidence in his expertise.

The robots are fed with information that is sent to explore space. Metal bodies have more resistance and a great ability to endure the space and hostile atmospheres. They are created and used in such a way that they cannot be modified or get disfigured or broken down in a hostile environment. Also, repetitive jobs are monotonous in nature and can be carried out with the help of machine intelligence. Machines think faster than humans and can perform various functions at the same time.

They understood clearly that they can be employed to carry out and manage even more dangerous tasks with ease than humans. 'Human safety is also taken care of by us' argued the machine twins.

AI and robotics will improve the way we think, and the way we explore new horizons of space.

Humans know what they need and are getting increasingly better at defining their wants and quickly transforming this into reality.

'It is the time when we have to show our gratitude in reciprocation for the love you showered on both of us, the robots' said Eden. Helen showed her support for the same.

The investor of the space mission project overheard the conversation and wanted to show them his part of gratitude by approving their demand.

After all the heated arguments, they reassured Herdy about the investor who would take both to the space station during the course of the tenure and both of them will work together in an unmanned space mission. The investor was once rescued by the twins from an imminent danger. On Herdy's order, he was made safe by the twin robots and he is ready to do anything in return for that favour.

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