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This story is about a girl that was murdered we take you back to 3 years ago when it all started. The truth is horrifying and let’s just say revenge is around the corner. But then again I’m getting ahead of myself. Read to find out what the future holds…

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Lies spiral

hey! if your wondering I’m dead. Sorry, I’m kinda straight forward but lets get to the story shall we? I was murdered the worst way to die. By someone who i very much trusted. It was a late night with rain swirling around my window. As the little drips made a small soothing Tapping sound as i watched in horror while i felt my soul just swift out of my body. They didn’t even care about killing me they only cared for the sympathy. I wish i could go back and realize what they were doing but my dumb self thought they meant well. So instead of taking you with me to the afterlife I’m taking you back to when i died. but don’t be mad its worth it.

December 3rd (3 years before my death)

"Please don’t go!" i screamed while letting a tear fall down my eye. Don’t worry, nothing is going on. I’m just in drama class much like this book. A drama... But then again I’m getting ahead of myself. When class finished i quickly ran to my next class. A girl my age was also running. I bumped into her without noticing. "Oh dear me! I’m so sorry here let me help you." I then helped her pick up her books while giving her a smile of glee. "Thank you." "Are you new?" I said while looking at her curiously. "Yes, i actually just Transfered here." "I'm alleria" As i can tell you right now were gonna be good friends would it last? No, but you'll see why. Now, you may suspect she killed me but no. It was someone i did not expect. I loved them but love dosen't always work out... Since it was winter my allergies started to act out. Adrien a boy in my class walked up to me. We immediately shared a glare. "Achoo" I'm so sorry allergies." "Haha its okay, mine have been acting up too your good." "Well i was wondering the new movie that we were talking about came out wanna come? I got 2 tickets! "yes sure i would love that!"

January 3rd (2 years before my death.)

"Happy 1 month!" Said adrien. As if right now were dating. But not for long haha joking..... "So wanna go out?" "Sure maybe the movies?? Later that evening i got ready. I was so excited to give him the concert tickets of one of my favorite singers his too. "Hey adrien!" "Oh hey alleria." "i got you a gift." i said while brushing a strand of my hair back with my fingers. As if now this is the end of chapter 1. But let me warn you there will be revenge around the corner. Haha kidding.... Maybe?....

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