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It is the mother nature who might look scary at first without understanding but never devour us for being unaware, furthermore as benevolent as mother nature upon proper understanding and the right experience. All for blessing the children as a kind mother.

Science fiction Voyage dans le temps Tout public. © Kalaiselvi Kumaresan Inkspired

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Summary Of Volume 1

Key ideas

The key ideas that are scrutinized from everything we have discussed so far or the key take aways from volume 1, are as follows.

1. Making it finite

* Not only making a solution finite but also we should make it much limited as far as possible without losing the completeness.

* Not only making it limited and complete but also inculcate humanity into our concern.

* Not only inculcating humanity but also achieving uniqueness despite all the similarities and differences.

* Not only achieving uniqueness but also finding the rightness to give its fruitfulness based on understanding with the awareness of its own limitations.

Be it for making a solution finite or fitting a solution to look like finite, the significance of aim is very crucial. Aim is the one which is like pivot in making things finite.


Great engines turn on small pivots.

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The existence of each and everything in the universe in the limelight of Science, Spirituality, practicality and communication. i.e. where everything coincides perfectly. En savoir plus Universe.