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Mythology and History stories. I am very passionate about these two things and love telling people stories about these things. I hope you enjoy.

Historique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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While there may be multiple versions of the story of Medusa this one is my favorite. Warning mentions of rape.


Medusa wasn't always cursed she used to be a preist for Athena's temple. One day on the steps of Athena's temple Medusa was stopped by Poseidon. Medusa wished to leave but she could not go against a gods wishes so she stayed and he raped her. Medusa ran up the temple steps and called out for Athena. Athena heared her calls and came to her very worried. But before Medusa could explain Poseidon showed up and told Athena that Medusa broke the divine laws stating that Mortals and Gods can not have a relationship of any kind. Medusa had to be punished and so Athena cursed her that if anyone look in her eyes they turn to stone(and that her hair became snakes). Medusa was also cursed with immortality so she had to live like that for all of eternity. Medusa tried everything to break the curse. She tried cutting of the snakes but they grew back and bit her sometimes making her sick because of the venom they possessed. She tried everything but nothing worked. She would often come back to Athena's temple and would leave her a gift. But Athena couldn't lift the curse because she broke the law. The saddest part is Medusa never knew that Athena didn't believe Poseidon and knew she never broke the law. But since Athena was currently considered a weaker god(Godess)than Poseidon and could do nothing when he said she broke the law. So Medusa never knew the person she worships regretted cursing her from the start.

The End

Comment any myths or parts of history you want me to write about.

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