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LOVE KILLA, trying to move on from any ex is difficult, especially when they're a gang member. chang-kyun was a very jealous man and now even more, due to the new boyfriend in your life. now he's planned a surprise for you when you arrive home today i wonder what it is... ♡ [chang-kyun oneshot]

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๖ۣۜ༻ Your tires brush against the busy road eager to rush into your home. The day goes by oddly slowly, your exhaustion stretching along with it. The closer you reach home, the more your eager excitement grows. You can feel the anticipation as you pull into the driveway.

You can't wait to just be in his presence and feel the warmth of his embrace.

But as you stroll into your chilly house, you immediately notice how hushed it is. You thought you would be able to hear his booming voice busy with video games.

"How odd," you note to yourself as you put your shoes to the side and continue your walk to the living room.

"Bf/n?" You call out glancing around your downstairs area. He is normally home by now.

Feeling a bit on edge you pull your gun out from your purse and hike upstairs to search your room. Something you learned that would come in handy from the troubled relationship with your ex-boyfriend.

Upon reaching your shared room, you notice specks of blood on the sandy-colored carpet.

"Fuck," you mutter.

You carefully follow the trail of blood, until it eventually leads you to the bathroom the both of you share. Again you call out for the male, but regardless of your wishes, there is no answer. You open the door with the tip of your gun, revealing a horrific sight.

There he is, your boyfriend, lying unconscious on the floor.

You quickly crumble to your knees brushing your hands against his bloody wounds and screaming for him to wake up. You reach for your phone hoping to get the cops on the line, but your plans are abruptly interrupted by silent footsteps.

"You're finally here doll," he smirks against your shivering body before you feel the hard blow cutting off your consciousness.

ˁᜊ ˀ⊹

The fire crackles loudly as your tiny murmurs grow as you struggle to open your eyes with the heavy headache. Your head sways from side to side as you slowly regain your memories of earlier.

The man you found bloody is now bound by rope and quickly you find out that so are you. The henchmen scattered around the room don't go unnoticed, but one important person is missing.

But as if on cue, he saunters into the vast living room.

His underlings bow their heads respectively as he enters your sight.

The sandy blond waves waft on their own as his face remains stern. The suave, blood-red suit hugs his body in all the ways he loves.

It is his signature color after all.

"My love," he squats in front of you, "How I've missed you." He caresses the messy wound he had created.

Chang-kyun is quick to move toward you with the intention of laying his lips on your skin, but you are quick to dodge the dangerous man.

He kisses his teeth in distaste as he snaps his fingers ordering one of his men to bring him a seat.

You take this chance to glance at your surroundings.

The plastic cover that protects your wooden floors, his men are equipped with various weapons, and he has a weapon tucked away.

Something is about to go down and it isn't going to be pleasant.

"How have you been doll?" Chang-kyun begins small talk sarcastically as he fiddles with his tight, leathery gloves.

"What do you want Chang-kyun?" You ask gritting your teeth.

"You," he puts it bluntly as he sets his stare on you.

You chuckle bitterly tasting the red liquid in your mouth, "Don't play around, why are you here!?"

"I was serious doll, I came back for you," he tries putting on a pout and getting up from his spot. "But you could imagine my surprise when I found out that you had moved on to another man."

"And of course, you were watching me," you sigh heavily pondering on how you are going to escape from this.

"Why, of course, why wouldn't I closely watch what's mine?" He tuts playing with the strands of your hair.

"I'm not yours, at least not anymore I'm not," you spit at him wishing you could jerk away from him but the ropes bind you in place.

You gasp at the harsh tug on your hair forcing you to look into his dark gaze, "How foolish. You never stopped being mine."

Suddenly your boyfriend groggily gains consciousness as his tired eyes barely lift open. You can sense his panic as he begins to shake in his restraints. The blond above you releases you from his tight hold, as he drags his gloves down his arms.

"Now we can begin," Chang-kyun sits back down chuckling as the fire roars in the back.

"Y/n! Who is that? What's happening!?" Bf/n questions you with desperation laced in his vocal cords.

"Doll would you like to tell him who I am? Rather what we are?" Chang-kyun grins toying with the distressed male's feelings.

All eyes are set on you as you breathe out, "This is my ex-boyfriend."

"Ex-boyfriend? What are you talking about?" Your boyfriend looks confused as you reveal this information to him. That's right, you never told him, out of fear that he would run from you knowing who you were associated with.

"Ah, he doesn't know? I'm hurt doll," the gangster's pout is coated with sarcasm.

"We were together for two years before we broke up," you tell him with a shameful expression.

"You can imagine how furious I was when I found you had drugged my guard dogs and somehow slipped past my security," the man slowly advances toward you, "But once I found you I felt happy again. Though I still have to punish you for leaving me like that," he whispers against your throat before giving it a small kiss knowingly agitating your boyfriend.

"Get off of her!" Your boyfriend courageously yelps at the man.

Chang-kyun doesn't respond to him, he only stands slowly darkly chuckling as he reaches into his suit pulling out a sharp object. His broad back blocks the view but you don't have to see it to know that the scream is the result of getting touched by his short blade. "Next it'll be your tongue, don't interrupt me," his eyes stare sharply at Bf/n daring him to defy him.

"Chang-kyun that's enough! What the hell do you want!?" You scream furiously tired of him dragging this out.

"But doll I already told you what I wanted, I want you," he reminds you once again tilting his head to the side wondering how many times he would have to point it out to you.

"Darling, why do you think I'm here? I'm here to take you home, the family misses you as do I. Don't you miss it? Miss me? We could be together again," his smile grows creepily as he mindlessly strokes your cheek.

You can't lie, you do miss it.

Being with him made you feel powerful and like the most treasured woman in the world. But his temper is something you do not miss. The extreme jealousy, the dark places his mind went to, and the harsh habits he grew into. So of course you know your answer.

"No." You tell him boldly locking eyes.

"What was that?" His smile drops within seconds.

"I said no, fuck you!" You spit at him feeling your emotions rise.

He stares at you quite disappointed. Why won't you love him back? He doesn't want to have to do this to the one who has a hold on his heart.

"Darling, do you remember that punishment I told you about?" He muses at you reaching into his waistband and dragging a specific item out.

"Chang-kyun... don't," you beg him as your eyes begin to shake seeing him check if it has any bullets left.

"Oh, but I am," his crazed smile graces his face as he squeezes the trigger letting the bullets fly into Bf/n's heaving chest. You watch as his head droops to the side slowly as your tears stream down your stressed face.

"Don't cry baby," he snickers smooching your salty tears. He watches you endlessly cry for the one you supposedly love more than him. This only drives him more mad.

"I'll give you one more chance, come with me doll." He strokes your jawline lovingly trying to make his manipulation much more appealing.

"Fuck you," you grit through your hot tears.

"I wish you would just submit to me baby," he sighs grabbing another firearm from his waist.

This one is special, not like the regular one he had used on that bastard. This is his backup plan if he can't get you back the easy way.

"Well if I can't have your love for myself, I wouldn't want anyone else to get a taste," he speaks longingly in your ear before the handgun goes off.

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